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What Are Squirrels

There are a variety of animals that are in the world that we are able to adore and look at. But at times we overlook a few of the more simpler of the species. One animal that we see quite frequently – but do now understand much about is the squirrel.
Squirrels are part of the Sciuridae family – also well-known as the rodent family. It is hard to think that something as lovely as this is connected to rats and mice. There are several various kinds of squirrels that include the gray, tree, and flying squirrels. Although they are referred to as flying squirrels this kind are only able to glide when jumping from one …

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All in sight: The Alfred Wegener Institute tests infrared system for the protection of whales

A new measurement system for the detection of whales is used for the first time on board of the research vessel Polarstern.
Whales are usually difficult to spot. On the one hand, they spend the greater part of their life under water. On the other hand, only a small part of their body can be seen when they surface, and this can even hardly be distinguished from the surrounding water.
Visual sightings by marine mammal observers are therefore usually based on observations of the spout, the condensing and quite warm breathing cloud. It rises, depending on the whale species and wind conditions, between one metre and ten metres over the water surface and remains visible for only …

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