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Puppy Training Advice – Don’t Make Mistakes – Training For The Trainer

There are many different breeds of dogs and no one of them has a monopoly on brains. Puppies are idividuals just like humans. Some may be bold and some may be shy, but most of them can be molded, in fact a lot of puppies mimic the behavior of their owners. Some of the best puppie training advice is to know what you are doing as a trainer.
One of the first things that you should concentrate on is to teach the puppy its name. Pick a simple name and use it always when you talk to your puppy so that the puppy gets used to hearing it. Make sure that the puppy connects hearing its …

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Top Ten Clicker Training Questions

Here are 10 common questions asked about Clicker Training..
1. Does Clicker Training really work or is it just a fad? Yes it works and no it isn’t just a fad. Clicker training is based on theory of Operant Conditioning. Clicker Training is used by successful animal trainers around the world.
2. Do I have to use a Clicker? No, a Clicker isn’t absolutely required but it is highly recommended. You may also use you mouth to make the noise, use a click-able writing pen, or any other means to simulate the clicker noise. The Clicker is inexpensive, makes a distinct sound, makes the same sound each time, and is easy to use.
3. Will I have …

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Training Your Puppy Yourself

There is virtually nothing as embarrassing as when your holiday guests arrive and your dog Fido is jumping all over them. You start tugging and ordering him to get down and stop, but as usual he doesn’t acknowledge a single word coming out of your mouth. You have tried everything and he refuses to listen to you. Is there any hope for a good puppy?
There is no need for an expensive trainer to teach your puppy. You can do this on your own, without an expensive trainer. With training your dog will no longer cause you any unnecessary embarrassment. For you to successfully train your dog to obey your every command, you will need to …

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