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Must-know tricks to teach your dog

Getting a pet is often the easy part, especially if that pet happens to be of the ‘four legged’ variety.
If you are trying to teach your dog a few tricks and finding the ‘going’ a tad frustrating, then you definitely need to read this article. Getting advice on ‘dog training’ is a cakewalk but getting good advice, now that’s another thing altogether. The problem is further compounded by the fact that each ‘doggy’ website seems to be more intent on providing its own unique take on ‘dog training’ than providing pet owners as yourself with any useful advice. But don’t fret, for I have managed to gather a few secrets of a professional dog …

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Conditioning —Border Collie Training Method

The 2 Schools Of Thought For Your Border Collie Training Method.
Fancy to teach your canine friend? Then you have to pick between 2 evenly efficient approaches to dog teaching: classical and operant conditioning.
Classical conditioning is a subject of association. Mainly, you will be required to introduce stimulants to your dog, to educate him to response in a particular way when he runs into particular stimulants. For example, ringing a bell prior to providing him a ration will make him expect ration whenever he will hear a bell ring. Nourishing him a dog treat each time he rotates on the floor will eventually make him rotate on the floor when revealed a dog treat.
Classical conditioning is …

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