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What Do Baby Rabbits Eat? A Guide to Raising a Young Bunny

If you have a baby rabbit that doesn’t have access to its mother, you might be wondering “What do baby rabbits eat?”. This is a good question to ask, because the bunny digestive system can be very delicate at first.
Rabbits milk is the most caloric of any mammals milk and can be difficult to replicate. The best replacement milk you can find is Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) which can be bought at pet stores, and some times even your local supermarket. Even so, this milk is not as caloric as the rabbit needs, so a good idea is to add a tablespoon of cream to each can. This will mix well and raise the caloric …

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The Reality of Pet Rabbits

Rabbits can be playful, entertaining and lovable pets. As Easter nears, baby bunnies are a popular gift for children.
Problem is, within a few months owners learn what a chore they are and how much care (and cost) they require. Too often, rabbits end up unwanted and abandoned. So before you purchase that adorable baby bunny, it’s a good idea to know a few things first.
Rabbits require a lot of attention and affection. They require daily exercise and handling. You can’t just put them in a cage and leave them alone for a while. With regard to cages, rabbits require a fairly large habitat, but they’re also better as indoors pets where they can be near …

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