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What Is In Pet Food?

A book entitled ” Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facsts About Pet Food.” by Ann Martin describes in detail what harm we are doing in feeding our pets conventional pet food.
The book is shocking, well researched, and very disturbing.
Her two dogs became very sick after eating a dry dog food. The food was analyzed by two independent labs, as well as a Ministry of Agriculture lab.
The independent labs determined there was a toxic level of zinc in the dog food. After nine months of waiting for the government lab to finish its testing, the results indicated there were no toxic mineral levels.
She took the pet food manufacturer to court to recover the costs of her …

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Healthy Dog Food Recipes

Feeding your dog requires your attention. For sure, you only want to give your pet the best possible care. Each breed of dog needs to follow a certain diet to keep them strong and healthy. And so you need to provide healthy dog food recipes for them. Here are good suggestions:
1. Sautéed Liver. Dogs love flavorful meals. Liver suits their taste buds well. Cut the liver into small pieces and sauté them in a teaspoon of corn oil. Fry the liver on each side until cooked but not dry. Serve accordingly. Then watch your dog savour the healthy dog food recipes you prepared.
2. Chicken Stew. Dogs may not like the taste of boiled chicken, but …

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Pet Food Recall: Are These Pet Food Manufacturers Purposely Killing Your Animals?

By: Jane Saeman
We all want the best for our beloved dogs, especially when it comes to the foods they eat. We want to give them only the healthiest food available to make sure that they will live a long and healthy life. But what if the so-called “healthy pet foods” that are being sold in the market today are not reliable anymore?
What do we do when we can no longer trust the food manufacturers who is supposed to provide us with safe and healthy foods for our animals?
When The Food Is Killing Your Pets, Something Has To Change: The widespread recall of pet food has created a scare to all dog and cat owners who …

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