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Make Sure You Are Prepared To Care For Your Exotic Pets

Before considering taking up the new hobby of collecting exotic pets, make sure you are prepared for the commitment. Caring for animals requires dedication of both time and money. The definition of what an exotic pet is can vary so for the purposes of this writing, it can mean anything other than a common Labrador. Because there are so many varieties and mixes of dogs, there are certainly some that are rarer than others. Because most dogs can interbreed, it is often difficult to know if the dog is a mix or pure breed. In such instances where proper lineage cannot be determined, dog DNA testing is available to provide you with definitive data.
Another thing …

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Buyer Beware – The Truth About Indoor Guinea Pig Runs

If you’re thinking of getting or already have a guinea pig, here are some tips on creating an indoor run. Guinea pigs need to come out of their cage or house for exercise every day to prevent boredom, stress and becoming overweight, leading to severe health problems.
In guinea pig care, this daily exercise is known as Floor Time. Many owners are delighted at the sight of their guinea pig ‘popcorning’ when they have enough space to properly stretch their legs in- doing excited little flips and turns. This is one of the healthy signs of a contended ‘piggie’.
Size Matters
They key to it all is space. Imagine housing a mini-athlete – these little animals can really …

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How Can Parasites Put Your Pet’s Life In Danger?

Many of us have pets at home and these lovely creatures sometimes may get sick. People love to keep birds, fish, dogs, cats and other pets. Some even like to keep spiders and snakes.
In this article we are going to talk about pets that suffer from parasites although they may seem to be healthy. There is an undeniable fact that some parasites such as: giardiasis, amebiasis, cryptosporidiosis, ectoparasite, endoparasite and so on put our pet’s life in danger. These parasites infect the gut epithelial cells and prolong their existence inside the intestines.
The cucumber tapeworm is a kind of parasite that is infective to the pet’s hosts. This type of parasite causes diarrhea and restiveness. How …

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