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Parrots: 3 Easy Tips To Teach A Parrot To Talk

Teaching a parrot to talk is fun with these 3 easy tips. There are many articles written on how to teach a parrot to talk, but if you stick to these 3 tips, success will not be too far away. The whole idea is to keep the process simple.
Tip No. 1
Parrots learn to speak by hearing sounds that are repeated frequently. If left alone, your parrot will eventually pick up sounds that are repeated on a frequent basis like ‘hello’, or ‘good morning’. It is words that are repeated frequently that stays in a parrot’s memory. It is something like teaching a young child to talk. So to teach your parrot, use sounds repeatedly. Spend …

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African Grey Parrots–5 Things That Really Matter to Your African Grey

African Grey Parrots are some of the most intelligent, well spoken, and beautiful pet birds available for adoption today. Because of their many fine qualities they are also one of the most sought after parrot species for pets.
With proper care their life span can easily exceed 50 years. And here are 5 things that you can do for your Grey that really matter. A Great Home-The bigger the space you can provide for your Grey, the better its physical and mental health, general disposition, and interaction with you are likely to be. The minimum size for housing should be large enough for your bird to fully spread its wings while facing any direction in the …

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Parrot Cages – Tips on How to Buy Parrot Cages

If you have an African Grey or a Macaw, you know that they have special needs when it comes to parrot cages. These birds are not tiny lovebirds or parakeets and they need suitable habitats that will accommodate their special requirements.
Parrot bird cages need to be large, stable, sturdy, and durable enough so that your feathered friend will feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Knowing what features you need to consider when you are looking at parrot cages will help you make the right decision.
Size Counts When It Involves Parrot Cages
Parrot cages are designed with the bigger birds in mind. You need to make sure that the one you are purchasing is large enough for your …

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