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How Can Parasites Put Your Pet’s Life In Danger?

Many of us have pets at home and these lovely creatures sometimes may get sick. People love to keep birds, fish, dogs, cats and other pets. Some even like to keep spiders and snakes.
In this article we are going to talk about pets that suffer from parasites although they may seem to be healthy. There is an undeniable fact that some parasites such as: giardiasis, amebiasis, cryptosporidiosis, ectoparasite, endoparasite and so on put our pet’s life in danger. These parasites infect the gut epithelial cells and prolong their existence inside the intestines.
The cucumber tapeworm is a kind of parasite that is infective to the pet’s hosts. This type of parasite causes diarrhea and restiveness. How …

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Fish Diseases, Parasites, and Troubles

Fortunately, far fewer diseases and parasites attack our fishes in the aquarium than they do in Nature. This is probably because the aquarium does not furnish favorable conditions for the life cycle which many of them undergo.
A common disease popularly called “Ick” which is short for Ichthyophthirius, a certain parasite causing the trouble. This is referred to as the pepper and salt disease because in advanced cases white specks appear on the fins and body resembling seasoning. If not treated quickly when noticed, they multiply rapidly and a coating of fungus on the fish follows causing death soon after that.
The cause of the attack is usually from chill. The fishes resistance will be reduced, while …

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