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Proper Pomeranian Nutrition

While Pomeranians are known for being choosy about their food, they do not need any particular specialty diet to be healthy and happy. Following the standards of the canine diet, any owner can feed their Pomeranian adequately. Canines are primarily meat-eaters, and this is true of the Pomeranian. Many dogs will not eat foods that are too high in vegetable and grain products, and these foods are not very healthy for your pet. A diet heavy in meat products is best for any dog, particularly the Pomeranian.
Some owners will be concerned that their Pomeranian is not receiving all its potential nutrition without plant products in the diet. Many store-brand foods contain a blend of processed …

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Cat Nutrition – How Protein Rich Food May Harm Senior Cats

We all know that cats are carnivores thus their natural diet should consists of protein rich meat such as beef, chicken, and fish. Cats require a significant amount of protein for optimal growth, repairing muscle tissues and as a source of energy.
Senior cats on the other hand, require less protein than their younger conterpart due to their weak vital organs. Senior cats, in general, are less active therefore vital organs, such as the kidney and liver, will start to deteriorate thus the need to reduce their protein intake.
When a cat consumes protein rich food, its digestive system will proceed to breakdown the proteins in order for the body to absorb the nutrients as efficiently as …

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