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Horse Home Care

What a wonderful situation to be in where you can get up each morning and venture down to the barn and greet your friends that greet you with a winney, or body language that says please hurry up because we are really, really hungry. Having your horses on the same property that you reside is a blessing. Not only is it convenient, but you won’t miss the endless moments of fun and humor horses bring to us.
So, if you feed them at eight o’clock, try not to make it any later than eight thirty. Afternoon feeding should be the same, and if you can even split the daily rations into a third feeding, even better …

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Cleanliness And Your Horse’s Health

You might not believe it but one of the most important factors in how healthy your horse ends up being is his cleanliness. In order to have your horse live a very healthy life style, it needs to be able to maintain a life in which it is clean and in which it can have access to all of the things that can help it to be happy and healthy.
Make sure that you are providing your horse with plenty of room to run, and plenty of rest when he has been working. All of these things are important, but they are also impacted by one single factor – the cleanliness of the stable and your …

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