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Are you raising Chickens? Here’s how to keep them happy and healthy!

Chickens are indeed a wonderful family pet but they are much more besides. By raising chickens you will benefit from scrumptious freshly laid eggs, help with pest control, natural fertilizer and if you wish, a very tasty and healthy meal. But ow can you be sure that your chickens are happy with their lot? Let’s take a look at the ways you can make their life as comfortable as possible with little effort and without breaking the bank!
Feeding your chicken the right food is important. Chickens need a good quality chicken feed, calcium (oyster shells are good for this)) and grit although a lot of chicken will feed will include the calcium and grit. Speak …

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Use Hamster Toys To Keep Your Little Pet Healthy

Toys are a necessary part of any hamsters life. There are a few reasons for this but the most obvious one is health related. Both Syrian and dwarf hamsters need exercise to be healthy and happy. This is a bit of a challenge for hamsters because their cages are often too small to run around in. This is where we, as loving pet owners, have to be creative!
Hamster toys do a great job of making up for a small living space. They keep your little guy healthy and active while allowing him to have some fun too. You have a number of choices here and they all provide somewhat unique benefits for your pet. Have …

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