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How to Train Your Dog to Stay Off the Sofa

When training your dog to stay off the sofas there are a few simple rules that should be followed to optimise your success. Firstly, it important to ensure that everyone in the family follows the ‘no dogs on the sofa rule’ as failure by anyone in the family to enforce this rule is likely to result in  nothing but confusion for the dog. In addition to this, it is also important to consider what will happen when the dog is left alone in the house – what areas of the house will you allow the dog access? Ideally, you don’t want your pet to have access to sofas or chairs while you are out of …

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History of Hunting Dogs

Prehistoric man appears to have partnered with canines over 20,000 years ago for hunting. How exactly this occurred, we will perhaps never know. However, what we do know is that cave paintings, murals, and other pieces of archeological evidence suggest that this partnership began at around the same time that human beings were organizing themselves.
Early hunter-gatherer groups used dogs in the hunt for fowl and small game. Dogs that were probably nothing more than domesticated wolves were adept at spotting and flushing out game. Often, this meant that the animal would then be chased and harassed to the point of exhaustion and collapse, whereupon the humans would close in and finish the job with spears, …

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The Key To A Well-Behaved Dog Is To Become A Role Model Yourself

It has always amazed me how dogs are so closely related to their ancestors, the wolf, and still, to this day, display a natural instinct to live and participate within a family “pack”.
Teamwork and partnerships are the natural order in which canines think. A good analogy to explain this better is to observe the way a sports team all works together to accomplish the same goal of winning. Your dog is the same way and looks at you and the rest of his family as part of his “team”. He counts on everyone of you in the house to teach him how to behave, understand the rules, and above all, help him survive.
In order for …

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Can Dogs Get…?

Many dog owners do not realize that the dog can have many of the same health issues as humans do. Almost everyone has heard a dog sneeze, but very few people will associate it with a health condition. Dogs can get colds, just like their masters.
Dogs just like humans can also become overweight and even obese. This happens because the dog is not fed the proper food, the correct portions and or does not receive adequate amounts of exercise. Very similar to the reasons a human can become overweight and obese.
Dogs and humans can also have the same diseases. Mostly stemming from eating unhealthy foods and the wrong amount of the right foods. Some of …

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No Pets As Gifts

Can’t think of the perfect gift for your animal-loving friend or family member? How about a new cat or dog? How about, no way! Pets should be chosen by the recipient, when they are ready to adopt one. Dogs and cats are not objects that can be gift-wrapped, and handed over to someone.
Giving a dog or cat to a child in the same manner you would give a book or a doll can give them the wrong idea about that animal’s worth. While other gifts may be returned or exchanged if they are not right, a pet is not a toy, not an article of clothing or decorative object. Toys are often forgotten in the …

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Dog Whining

Dog whining is a frequently met behavior that many dog owners would like to get rid of. There are a few methods that can be employed to help and stop dog whining. If you are facing this problem, here’s what you can do about it.
The secret for a successful dog training that deals with the cessation of dog whining is to start as early as possible. Also, there are a few important aspects that you have to bear in mind. You must be fully aware of the motives your dog has to use this method of expression. Dog whining as well as dog barking are part of the dog’s means to tell you something. Whining …

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Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

The skin, your pet’s largest organ, acts as a barrier against harmful invasions from the environment. As an organ of elimination, symptoms of disease often show up in the skin and the body rids itself of toxins
Skin problems are probably the most common ailments seen in dogs. Usually they are not a disease in themselves, but a symptom of another underlying problem.
Allergies are the most common reason one sees problems with the skin or coats of their dogs and cats. Foods, pollens, dust or medications may cause signs of allergy. Problems can also show up due to dietary deficiency or poor diet in general. Symptoms include such as itching, redness, and poor coat quality.
If no …

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Baby And Your Dog – How To Keep Peace At Home

Wondering how your dog will get along with your baby? Worried about the safety of your baby and are probably thinking of getting rid of your dog? These are legitimate questions that are asked by dog owners when they are expecting a new born baby in the family.
The good thing is that, done in a careful manner, its possible to introduce your pet to your new member of the family. With proper planning, its possible to train your dog to interact with your baby and the baby to love your dog
How to Get the Dog Used to the Baby
Expecting a new baby at home brings a time time of change, discovery and joy in the …

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Dog Breeds

I hope that the following article will help you to better empathize this topic.
There are likely more dog breeds in the world at this moment than there are dissimilar strains of bacteria! Okay, that was a flimsy exaggeration, but only a very slight one mind you. There really are an astonishing number of dog breeds or so with more being recognized every year.
It’s not that new dog breeds are being found from the four corners of the earth, it’s that new dog breeds are advent into being because of cross breeding programs. The resulting dogs aren’t always reasoned to be a new dog breed, but some of them do stack up to the standards to …

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How to Help your Older Dog Naturally

Introduction to Ageing: Dogs, like humans, are living longer than ever before. In the wild, dogs would have died young, as soon as they were no longer able to find their own food and defend themselves against predators. As our companions, they are living to a great age. Mental and physical changes occur slowly over this time.
In this article, I am going to outline some of the major physiological changes that occur, some ways in which we as caregivers can help them, some of the illnesses that affect older age groups, and some therapies that may be helpful.
Physiological Changes in Ageing: The nervous system: Messages travel down the nerve fibres of a dog in its …

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