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Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Unwanted Urination

Problems with inappropriate urination are some of the most commonly encountered by dog owners.  As a matter of fact, inappropriate urination and defecation is the most frequently cited reason that owners surrender their animals to shelters.
Before you can address problems with inappropriate urination, it is important to understand the basis of the problem.   There are several reasons why dogs lose control of their bladders, and it is important to know the root cause of the problem before it can be properly addressed.
Problem #1 – Excitement Urination
Dogs often urinate when they become overly excited, and dogs that are otherwise perfectly housebroken sometimes show their excitement by dribbling urine when greeting you excitedly.  It is normal for …

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Can Dogs Get…?

Many dog owners do not realize that the dog can have many of the same health issues as humans do. Almost everyone has heard a dog sneeze, but very few people will associate it with a health condition. Dogs can get colds, just like their masters.
Dogs just like humans can also become overweight and even obese. This happens because the dog is not fed the proper food, the correct portions and or does not receive adequate amounts of exercise. Very similar to the reasons a human can become overweight and obese.
Dogs and humans can also have the same diseases. Mostly stemming from eating unhealthy foods and the wrong amount of the right foods. Some of …

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