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Do You Have Kids That Are Grieving The Death Of A Pet?

If you have children that are grieving the death of a pet it is important to help them understand what they are experiencing. The first time anyone experiences grieving the death of a pet the feelings may be confusing. Of course the depth of emotions and feelings will be driven by the age of the child and their connection with the pet.
To help your child know it is alright grieving the death of a pet start with showing your own grief. It is okay to cry and express your own emotions when grieving the death of a pet in front of your child. This will teach them a healthy way to express their own emotions.
Having …

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Kids and Puppies: How to Combine Playtime with Obedience Training

By: Jane Saeman
Puppies are like children in many ways. They need constant care, supervision, and a lot of affection. Having both together, your kids and your dog, especially during playtime, require extra supervision and patience. The key is to teach your child how to play with the puppy and for the puppy to understand that he needs to listen to the child the same way he listens to you and the other adults in the family.
Always Use The Same Commands: It is important for your child to use the same commands that you and the rest of the family use. Doing so teaches your child to use the commands with respect toward the dog. At …

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