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Persian cat: Chocolate and Lilac color

Chocolate or lilac Persians?
Can it be possible? I, as an owner, breeding Persians and exots, pose myself such a problem quite recently. Of, course they exist, if to see from genetic point of view. These colors are included into standard, there is their description, but… Where are they? By all accounts from abroad, they have such animals but for some reason they are more often met in pedigrees of British cats as experimental partners for leading new color into the breed, but not like exhibition stars. It had to spent lots of time to answer the question: ‘What is the real situation with Lilac and Chocolate in the Persian group?’
The paradox came to light at …

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The Best Natural Cat Immunity Enhancers

Natural cat immunity enhancers are a relatively new development in the area of veterinary medicine, but they are based on centuries old principles which have been put to successful use on animals and humans alike. The basic idea is that maintaining a healthy immune system will lead to overall good health. It’s really that simple, and now a range of natural products make it that much easier when it comes to helping our furry friends.
Just like humans, cats are exposed to a host of environmental toxins on a daily basis. This exposure, combined with a less than ideal diet and lack of exercise, can leave the immune system compromised, opening the door to a host …

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What Causes Cats To Lose Their Hair

When we have pets we do not think of the challenging illnesses that they are vulnerable to. We recognize that they should have average trips to the vet to ensure that they do not have ring worm or fleas – but we never think about how they might have cancer or other similar problems.
One disease that your cat might hurt through is alopecia – or hair loss. It may take a month or two to determine that all or parts of your cat’s body has lost big quantities of hair that does not seem to be growing back. This problem may be caused by many various things.
The most likely cause for hair loss is an …

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Two Steps To Stop A Cat From Urinating In The House Ever Again

Is your cat urinating outside its litter box? Are you fed up of cleaning cat pee off the floor? Then you have to read on. I am going to reveal why a cat starts urinating in the house so that you can fix them.
Before we start on how to stop a cat from urinating in the house are you sure that your cat is urinating or is it spraying? How do you know the difference? Well if you are finding urine low down on your walls or furniture then your cat is spraying not urinating. Spraying is a different problem to urinating because it is not related to an aversion to a litter tray but …

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Good Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors

For many cat owners, the choice of whether to keep their cat indoors or to let it roam free at least part of the time is difficult. Some cat lovers believe keeping your cat cooped up indoors all of the time amounts to cruelty. Other cat lovers argue that the dangers of allowing domesticated cats to run in the streets far outweighs any potential benefits for the cat. From the title of this piece, you can probably guess which side of the issue I’m going to side with. But I think it’s important for people to realize how dangerous things can be for cats on the streets.
The Disease Factor
Cats that spend even part of the …

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How To Keep Cats From Spraying

Cats are an excellent pet to have. They have the ability to play with themselves instead of screeching at the threshold all day until you get home. can even take care of themselves. All you have to do is clean their litter box and replenish their food.
But like with any type of pet they have their flaws. One of the toughest of these is the act of spraying. You believed your cat was fine and next thing you know it is spreading its urine all over your fashionable pillows, carpet, and who knows what else.
Most individuals think that when cats do this they do not desire to use their litter box. However, this is not …

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Types of Cat Barrier & Their Benefits

Cats, similar to dogs, are physically active domesticated animals and letting them roam around inside your house without supervision could cause damage and scratches to your beddings and furniture.
If you want to prevent that from happening, the use of cat barriers such as cat doors, enclosure or playpen will be very helpful to keep your feline friend in a safe and contained area. Such pet containment systems are also a great way to keep your cat away from aggressive dogs and other dangerous stray animals in the neighborhood.
Here are a few types of cat barriers and the many good benefits they can bring to you and your beloved cat:
Cat Doors
Cat barrier, in the form of …

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A Common Cause of Cat Pee Problems – It’s All About the Box

The list of possible causes of feline “toilet problems” – urinating or defecating outside the box – is a long one. But without a doubt one of the most common sources of litter training problems is the litter box itself, and the box should be the first place you look. Here’s a quick checklist of potential¬† problems:
Is it clean? Neglecting regular scooping and cleaning is inviting trouble. Felines are fastidious and cleanliness is usually major issue with them; a box that’s soiled or smelly can be a real turn-off. Cats vary in their tolerance for messy litter, but just about every cat will eventually refuse to use the approved facilities if they become truly foul. …

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Turkish Angora Cat and Kitten Information

The Turkish Angora is a medium, muscular and fine boned cat. Their large almond eyes range from green, gold, blue and copper. They mainly have white coats which are silky and medium long. Even though white is the dominate color, other colors are desirable. Parti, solids and tabbies are becoming more popular. Blues, blacks and a variety of other colors are acceptable for show purposes though the breed standard does note several exceptions.
The Turkish Angora displays a graceful manner that compliments its intelligence and curiosity. They are affectionate and devoted companion cats.
Brief History of the Turkish Angora Cat
As the names implies, the Turkish Angora is thought to have originated in Turkey. Some of the earliest …

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Cat Hairballs – Tips for Preventing Hairballs in Cats

While constantly grooming themselves, cats ingest pieces of fur that end up in their stomachs. Cat hairballs are usually harmless as they can be coughed up. However, they can sometimes form a blockage in the intestines which can lead to serious problems. There are a few things you can do to prevent hairballs in cats. Let’s take a look at some of them.
One of the best ways to prevent cat hairballs is to groom your cat daily. As mentioned earlier, cats ingest fur while grooming themselves. If you brush most of the loose hair off yourself, then less fur ends up in your cat’s stomach. You will also like the fact that less hair gets …

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