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Wet and Dry Cat Food: What’s the Scoop?

When you think of feeding your cat, you want the best food for her, but the very best food can be expensive. The very best canned cat foods as noted by Consumer Search range in price from $1.00, 85 cents, to 55 cents for a 3-ounce can. The best 5.5-ounce can of cat food cost $1.60 a can. The most nutritious dry cat food cost $20.00 for a 5.14 lb. bag or $14.00 for a 6.6 lb. bag.
The selling points for these foods are that they are high in protein; most of them don’t have any grains in them, unless it is a better quality grain, and they don’t use by-products, but real meat’the good …

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Elderly Cat Care

Our cats become a part of the family over time. But unlike humans, who are considered elderly at 60 or 65, cats are considered “senior citizens” at the ripe old age of 10. It is important to understand the proper care of cats at all stages of life. A kitten cannot be fed, groomed, medicated, and treated the same way as an elderly cat. Here is a guide to proper Elderly Cat Care.

Feeding Time
Most pet supply stores sell specially formulated cat foods that are designed to provide proper health and nutrition to elderly cats. Some formulas assist with proper digestion, since this can often be a problem with older cats. Senior cats cannot assimilate their …

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