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Animal Shelters and Rescue

The two studies, conducted by Colorado State veterinary epidemiologist Dr. M.D. Salman and sponsored by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, reveal that moving and other lifestyle issues were the main reasons given by pet owners when surrendering their animals to shelters. But the majority of those pets–64 percent–are euthanized instead of adopted into new homes.
The studies also found that the majority of pet owners who surrender their animals to shelters are under 30 years of age and that more dogs are taken to shelters than cats and all other animals combined.
“Euthanasia of domestic pets in the United States is an epidemic,” Salman said. “These studies give us the first glimpse of …

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Home Remedies For Animal Bite

If you are bitten by any animal, be it a pet or a wild one, you need to take necessary precautions to prevent any form of infection or disease.
- Home Remedial Measures
Thoroughly wash the wound with cold water, once you get the bleeding under control, remove the saliva from the bitten animal by washing the wound with soap and water. Do this for five minutes.
Once the wounds are cleaned, apply a bandage over the infection with a sterile gauze pad.
To prevent swelling apply ice pack over the wound. For pain relief take pain killers. Do not give these to children, as it may lead to further complications.
For any animal bite, apply a mixture of castor …

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