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Leopard Gecko Feeding, The Proper Way

If you’ve never owned a reptile before, then you will probably find the eating habits of a gecko take some getting used to. Leopard geckos, like many other reptiles and amphibians, are insectivores. This means their staple diet consists of insects. Many pet stores that sell geckos will also carry a variety of crickets, mealworms, superworms, silkworms and cockroaches, and all of these are suitable meals for the animal. As a treat, especially for egg-laying and breeding adult females, you may want to provide a pinkie mouse that is only a few days old. Waxworms are also an option, but you should give these to your gecko very infrequently, as they are very fattening and …

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Owning a Leopard Gecko As a Pet

Is a Leopard Gecko the right pet for you ? These unique pets are very popular and can live a long time with proper care and handling. If you own or thinking about purchasing a Leopard Gecko be prepared and armed with knowledge so this awesome creative will thrive and have a healthy life.
For someone wanting to get an easy to care for pet, a Leopard Gecko, Eublepharis macularius, may be just the answer. Leopard geckos are amiable creatures that don’t mind being handled by their owners. Some will even exhibit signs of recognition, readily approaching their owners to take a cricket from their hands, or to be stroked gently on the head and held.
Captive-bred …

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