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Guide to Choosing a Pet Sitter for Your Pet

Far from just making sure your pet is adequately fed and watered in your absence, a good pet sitter should be a foster parent to your pet. They should provide quality time, exercise and all the home comforts your pet is used to.
Of course, the more you are willing to spend, the more comfort and attention your pet will get. In-home services typically also offer services such as watering plants and general house-care in your absence. Do not mistake a pet sitter, however, for a house-keeper – or you may soon need to get a new one!
People can become a pet sitter without any qualifications and it may be hard to gauge the experience any …

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Do You Have Kids That Are Grieving The Death Of A Pet?

If you have children that are grieving the death of a pet it is important to help them understand what they are experiencing. The first time anyone experiences grieving the death of a pet the feelings may be confusing. Of course the depth of emotions and feelings will be driven by the age of the child and their connection with the pet.
To help your child know it is alright grieving the death of a pet start with showing your own grief. It is okay to cry and express your own emotions when grieving the death of a pet in front of your child. This will teach them a healthy way to express their own emotions.
Having …

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5 Great Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of gifts to give your friends and loved ones. Finding unique gifts can present a challenge, and most people never consider giving pet-related gifts. Since the chances are good that more than one person on your holiday gift list has a pet that he or she adores, why not give a distinctive gift that your recipient will treasure? Here are five great gift ideas to get you started:
1. Fine Art Animal Prints
Dogs may come in many shapes and sizes, but each has a personality all its own. One of the most delightful gifts you can give to a pet lover is a fine …

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PetSafe Radio Fence: The Nicest Security You Can Render For Your Pets

Protecting our pets from missing from our households and backyards is one of the umteen responsibilities that we have to keep as pet possessors.
As such, it is very fundamental that we put up some measures in our homes to make sure that they will perpetually be unhurt. One of the affairs that we require to have to make secure that our pets check within our premisses is a fence. However, if you don’t want to mar the pure landscape of your yard and your garden with a fence, then you might like to deliberate putting up an camouflaged fence like the PetSafe radio wall.
Knowing More about invisible Fences
The hidden wall like the PetSafe radio fencing …

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Rules of the Road When Traveling with Your Pet

You’re all packed and ready to hit the open road with Fido and Fluffy for your next travel adventure. Practicing some common sense rules of the road will help ensure that your precious pet has a happy and safe trip.
No heads out the window: Although many pets find that sticking their head out the window is the best part of the road trip, it’s not safe. Your pet can easily be injured by flying debris. This should go without saying, but NEVER travel with a pet in the back of a pickup truck. Some states have laws restricting such transport and it is always dangerous.
Frequent pit stops: Always provide frequent bathroom and exercise breaks. Most …

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Pets and Kids Learning Resposibility Together

Parents if you have a family pet you will probably agree with me regarding the endless experiences that kids can acquire from pet ownership. We know that owning and caring for a pet is an on going process for the lessons learned about responsibility.
Our children learn the most about many areas in life right from their home. Good manners, respect for others and responsibility to name a few. Wouldn’t you say our responsibility to them is to set an example and to be great role models? Pets fit right in because they serve as live in teachers for the whole family not just the kids.
I feel this is the first and most important lesson. Animals …

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Baby And Your Dog – How To Keep Peace At Home

Wondering how your dog will get along with your baby? Worried about the safety of your baby and are probably thinking of getting rid of your dog? These are legitimate questions that are asked by dog owners when they are expecting a new born baby in the family.
The good thing is that, done in a careful manner, its possible to introduce your pet to your new member of the family. With proper planning, its possible to train your dog to interact with your baby and the baby to love your dog
How to Get the Dog Used to the Baby
Expecting a new baby at home brings a time time of change, discovery and joy in the …

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Kids and Puppies: How to Combine Playtime with Obedience Training

By: Jane Saeman
Puppies are like children in many ways. They need constant care, supervision, and a lot of affection. Having both together, your kids and your dog, especially during playtime, require extra supervision and patience. The key is to teach your child how to play with the puppy and for the puppy to understand that he needs to listen to the child the same way he listens to you and the other adults in the family.
Always Use The Same Commands: It is important for your child to use the same commands that you and the rest of the family use. Doing so teaches your child to use the commands with respect toward the dog. At …

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