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Making it comfortable for your horse

Any horse rider knows that the horse has to be comfortable if he is to enjoy his ride.
This holds true whether the rider is into show jumping, a professional horse rider or into racing. Maybe, he loves riding a horse just for the fun of it and there are a fair number in this category as well. You not only have to have a firm saddle but saddlepads that fit snugly too. These British made saddlepads are made in a range large enough in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of even the most discerning of riders.
The saddlepads fit well so that they provide the best protection that’s required for the horse. The finest …

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Horse Home Care

What a wonderful situation to be in where you can get up each morning and venture down to the barn and greet your friends that greet you with a winney, or body language that says please hurry up because we are really, really hungry. Having your horses on the same property that you reside is a blessing. Not only is it convenient, but you won’t miss the endless moments of fun and humor horses bring to us.
So, if you feed them at eight o’clock, try not to make it any later than eight thirty. Afternoon feeding should be the same, and if you can even split the daily rations into a third feeding, even better …

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Arabian Horse – 2000 Years Old And Still Here

The Arabian horse is an animal which has lived on the Arabian Peninsula for well over 2000 years. These horses were properly bred to demonstrate many traits which were attractive, such as strength, beauty, and endurance. Many experts on horses have concluded that Arabian horses are among the oldest breeds in the world.
The Bedouins were a nomadic people who are given credit for first taming the Arabian horse. The Bedouins made every effort to protect the purity of these horses, and many could trace back the lineage of the horses they owned. During this time, it was critical to have a horse which was strong, fast, and courageous. It also had to be capable of …

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Feeding Horses And How It Works

There are almost as many opinions on the proper feed and charge of horses as in attendance are altered kinds of horses. Much of the “correct” kind of feeding will depend on what did you say? Kind of piece, if a few, your horse does on a regular basis. Here is a universal overview on how to feed your horses appropriately.
The the majority weighty phenomenon is to promote to certainly with the purpose of your horse has clean, fresh fill with tears readily open next to all epoch. Horses surprisingly consume more fill with tears in the cold months of winter than in the warmer months of the day. There are many altered ways to …

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Horses and Diseases – Five Critical Points on Hoof Abscesses

Do you want to learn about Hoof Abscesses? If yes, then this article is just the piece you need. Get concise information on this troubling Horse disease here.
Singular Term: Abscess
Plural Term: Abscesses
An abscess is a collection of pus trapped in a capsule in the tissues under the skin of horses.
A hoof abscess is an infection within the hoof in an area called the lamina [ more like the soles of horses' shoes]. The lamina consists of hard and soft sections, also known as the insensitive and sensitive lamina, respectively. The hard lamina is essentially the hoof capsule, and the soft lamina is the tissue that connects the hoof capsule to the bone, also known as …

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Training a Horse in the Round Pen

One of the most effective tools that you can use in your groundwork horse training is to utilize the round pen. There are a few basic reasons for this, but perhaps the most important is that a round pen provides a safe environment where we can establish leadership with our horses. Assuming that the panels are good ones with no sharp edges and the pen is set up so that there are no corners where a horse can become “trapped”, a round pen acts as a small area where a horse can move without restriction.
The first principle when training a horse in the round pen is to do it “at liberty”. What this means is …

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Life Lessons From Horses – Understanding Another’s Point of View

One of the big mistakes that people make when working with horses is assuming that a horse thinks like a human. As a matter of fact, horses perceive the entire world differently than we do. If we acknowledge that fact, and try to understand that, then we can communicate more effectively with horses.
A horse is a prey animal. He is built to stay safe in the wild. His eyes are on the side of this head so he can see almost 360 degrees around him. Those eyes are also a long way from his mouth so he can see farther when grazing. But, most of all, a horses is programmed deep in his bones to …

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Tips – Horse Training

When learning about training tips, horses can be either very easy or very difficult to train. A horses eagerness to learn depends on many factors, such as what situation the horse is coming to you from. If the horse is still in infancy it will be significantly easier to train than a horse that is older and still wild. When you look for training tips, horses are either new to you, or already a part of your life and you want to learn how to train them easier. There are many helpful guides available such as Horse Training Secrets Revealed which will teach you how to train any horse, whether you are new or have …

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The Cost of Owning a Horse – How Much Training Do You Need?

The cost of owning a horse is high, so let’s see how much training you need – and who might be able to do that training. Let’s say that there are five different levels you can find yourself facing:
1) My horse is going to kill me today.
2) I believe my horse is going to hurt me the next time I ask for (a lope, a halt, fill in the blank).
3) My horse makes me nervous (when I’m on the trail and he sees something spooky, for instance).
4) When I try to (bathe the horse, bridle the horse, etc.) he gets really cranky.
5) I would like to improve my horse’s (lead departure, spin, etc.).
Number 1, My …

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Guide to Buying Your Child’s First Horse

When most parents set out to buy their child’s first horse, their attitude is that any horse will do. Fat, skinny, tall, short, experienced or inexperienced; it doesn’t matter. After all, the child simply wants a horse!
This is a dangerous mindset, however, because all horses are certainly not created equal, and the wrong choice can lead to injuries and disappointment. I recommend that all parents, regardless of their experience with horses, ask a trainer or instructor to accompany them when they look at possibilities.
The logical first place to start is at the stable where your child takes lessons. If there are horses available for lease or sale, you’ll at least be familiar with their temperaments …

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