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The Golden Retriever Breed – Beautiful, Friendly and Active

The Golden Retriever is a beautiful dog that originated late in the eighteen hundreds in the Scottish Highlands. This breed was created by breeding a yellow Flat-Coated Retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel, which is now extinct. These dogs quickly became one of the most popular breeds because of their many great qualities.
They are used for tracking and hunting, as bird dogs, for obedience competitions, as service dogs for the handicapped and for the detection of narcotics. Outside of the working abilities of the Golden Retriever, they make wonderful pets as they are great with children and with other dogs. In 1925, the AKC recognized the Golden Retriever as a breed.
Their coats makes these dogs …

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How To Take Care Of A Black Golden Retriever

Say you’ve got a litter of puppies and while you’re cleaning up, you notice that something is not quite right with one of them. You can hardly believe your eyes, but right in the middle of his butter-colored siblings sits a black colored puppy shuffling blindly about.
Now, you shouldn’t get worried at all. The black Golden Retriever, as most dog enthusiasts theorize, is merely a very rare and recessive gene that was expressed by the puppy. Most enthusiasts trace the origin of this gene back to one of the Golden Retriever’s ancestors, the Flat-Coat Retriever. This type of retriever had a black coat gene in its genetic makeup, and it’s possible that this gene is …

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An Overview of the Curly Coated Retriever

The Curly Coated Retriever is a very unique and interesting breed. From it’s history to its use in today’s society here is a brief overview of the breed.
The breed dates back ( or more correctly there is mention of the breed ) to the mid 15th Century. Shakespeare even mentions two “ Water Spaniels” in his writing. It was known as a meat dog, which is a dog that could find and retrieve game that was left behind by other dogs during a hunt. The dog was often owned by gamekeepers or poachers.
The breed is very hard to track down as to when it actually became known as the modern day Curly. In the 1800’s …

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