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How To Teach Your Dog To Come In 3 Easy Steps

Follow the painless ideas below and you will find you can confidently call your dog to come.
1. Your dog must come to expect only beneficial things, when he obeys the “come” command.
When you summon your dog with the “come” command, never reward him with a reproof. If there are going to be any objectionable results, you need to go to your dog, not call him.
If you need you dog for any process he’s not a fan of, don’t call him with the “come” command. When you have a dog that thinks baths or having his nails trimmed obnoxious, don’t use the”come” command when you need him for this.
2. Coming on command must be a rewarding …

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How to Train Your Dog to Stay Off the Sofa

When training your dog to stay off the sofas there are a few simple rules that should be followed to optimise your success. Firstly, it important to ensure that everyone in the family follows the ‘no dogs on the sofa rule’ as failure by anyone in the family to enforce this rule is likely to result inĀ  nothing but confusion for the dog. In addition to this, it is also important to consider what will happen when the dog is left alone in the house – what areas of the house will you allow the dog access? Ideally, you don’t want your pet to have access to sofas or chairs while you are out of …

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Exercise for Dogs

by David the Dogman
Most veterinarians will caution pet owners not to exercise a dog right after feeding him. This is certainly true of strenuous exercise, which can make a dog throw up and can lead to gastric torsion. A recent study by the Divisions of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University proved that exercise after eating seems to burn up more calories by raising the body’s rate of metabolism.
After eating, many dogs will lie down to digest their food. While sleeping a pet will burn up a few calories in just keeping his heart and lungs going. This sluggish behaviour can only encourage the animal to put on weight and to put on fat. It now …

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Aggressive Dogs are not Born They are Man Made

Dog aggression can be a very serious problem. So why do some dogs become aggressive? They may feel threatened or they may feel their territory is being threatened. Dogs that are insecure and lack confidence can also be aggressive. Also we can not forget that if a dog is mistreated or abused this can definitely lead to aggression.
We see biting as a display of aggression but we sometimes overlook that dogs that bark and lunge at people or other animals are also displaying aggression. Aggressive behaviour has to be dealt with immediately before it escalates into a very serious situation. Possible injury to a person or another dog or …

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Leash Training: Your Leash Training Questions Answered

By: Jane Saeman
Leash training is hugely underestimated by new dog owners. The process of getting your puppy or adult dog used to being on leash is fairly simple and just takes a little bit of your time. Trust me; this small investment of properly training your dog to walk politely on his leash will pay high dividends in the near future, especially if your puppy will grow up weighing 50 or more pounds.
Leash Training Questions: I get at least a dozen or more questions each week from new dog owners that ask me about leash training. They want to know what type of leash is best, what type to avoid, how long they should walk …

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Controlling Dog Aggression

Just like human beings, certain dogs can be aggressive by nature. This aggressive behavior could lead to severe conflicts between the dogs and their masters. Such behavior is instinctive among many animals, but can be controlled. It is in fact necessary to control it for the well being of your dog. Dog to dog aggression is quiet normal and a dog aggressive to other dogs is more frequent within breeds than between them.
But where is the line between playful antics and aggression? Let us take a look at a few things that determine that.
Growling is the most common sign of aggression which needs immediate attention. You can take steps by trying to get your pet …

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Dog Training Methods: How Dog Training Has Evolved Over the Last Few Decades

When you look down at your brand new, small and tender puppy peacefully sleeping in its little bed, it’s hard to think that in just two to three months it may grow to be 40, 50, or even up to 100 pounds depending on the type of breed. And although its behaviors may cute at the moment, like jumping up and putting his front paws on your body, these actions will be far less enjoyable when your dog is all grown up and literally knocking you over.
Your best bet is to start training your puppy from day one so that he can learn proper manners as he grows into adulthood. Puppies that are not trained …

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