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The Truth About Frontline For Dogs

As far as flea and tick medications go, Frontline for dogs is by far one of the most popular. With thousands of reviews and ratings from satisfied pet owners, I wanted to take a closer look at this medicine and learn more about its track record for killing fleas, ticks, biting lice and skin mites. Whether you have a dog that’s dealing with fleas, or you’re worried about ticks (which can carry Lyme disease), you’ll want to make sure you use a medicine which kills fleas and ticks quickly, as well as their eggs and larvae. That’s why I ultimately chose Frontline for dogs.
The Dangers of Fleas and Ticks
At some point, nearly every dog …

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The French Bulldog Temperament – Pros and Cons

It’s clear to understand why many people, even stars nowadays, have accepted the French bulldog breed as a companion or pet. They have got a similar temperament as bulldogs provide but they’re small and much more lovable.
Even though some can find the American Bulldog’s structure and appearance to be very frightening, it’s reduced in size variant, the French bulldog temperament doesn’t have the exact same feel. And another distinction that this Frenchie has over its American counterpart is it is more at home inside.
The fact is, the common size a Frenchie in its adulthood may be only about 2 feet up to its actual highest point. You will even find various bulldogs that can be …

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Dog Beds: your dogs need one suitable corner

In this article, we will discuss about different types of dog beds. Also, we will disclose the fact about the requirement of large dog bed.
While we explore the world of petting, we can see that there are loads of things to maintain. Yes, keeping a hound in our house is not the matter of joke. Rather, we need to be very conscious about our effort of petting every time. We are not allowed to neglect our pets, as they also have a life. In that case, our maintenance matters a lot for petting a dog or any other animal. In case of dog, it is not about only the pedigree foods that will suffice their …

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Little Dog, Big City

Dogs aren’t just for the folks with cozy neighborhood houses and big back yards. City folk too enjoy the friendly companionship that our four-legged friends have to offer. But, you may be concerned with the small space an urban apartment or condo has to offer an active critter such as your pup. Well, there are some ways you can help your pup get along just as well when you’re in the big city.
A cozy home
Not all pups are born in the big city, and some have moved there from quiet homes with big yards, so the difference may be a little confusing at first. Sounds will be different, and so will the lighting. These …

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How to Keep the Dog Bowls Clean

Choosing a right dog bowl will go a long way in keeping the dogs well fed and healthy. However, to keep the dog clean and sterile is not easy as it might appear. Sanitation is of prime importance in keeping the dogs healthy and disease free. Just like humans, dogs are also highly vulnerable to diseases caused by germs due to dirty bowls.
Be it milk or solid food, after each serve, the bowl should be thoroughly cleaned to make sure that the germs do not multiply. Stale food and leftovers on the plate are not only harmful for the health of the dog but will also make the food less appetizing as the dogs have …

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The Golden Retriever Breed – Beautiful, Friendly and Active

The Golden Retriever is a beautiful dog that originated late in the eighteen hundreds in the Scottish Highlands. This breed was created by breeding a yellow Flat-Coated Retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel, which is now extinct. These dogs quickly became one of the most popular breeds because of their many great qualities.
They are used for tracking and hunting, as bird dogs, for obedience competitions, as service dogs for the handicapped and for the detection of narcotics. Outside of the working abilities of the Golden Retriever, they make wonderful pets as they are great with children and with other dogs. In 1925, the AKC recognized the Golden Retriever as a breed.
Their coats makes these dogs …

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What you can do when fleas attack your dog

One of the worse things that owners hate the most is household fleas. A household flea not only breeds in your carpet or elsewhere but also on your bulldog. They can produce up to 600 eggs in a month! They cause terrible skin conditions to dogs just with a single bite if your dog is allergic to it.
It only takes one flee bite to make your dog start itching. 400 times are the numbers of time they bite. This means that it can suck blood more than its body weight from your dog. A female flea lays hundreds of eggs on your dog. Thus, fleas carry other parasites such as tapeworms. With this there is …

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How To Take Care Of A Black Golden Retriever

Say you’ve got a litter of puppies and while you’re cleaning up, you notice that something is not quite right with one of them. You can hardly believe your eyes, but right in the middle of his butter-colored siblings sits a black colored puppy shuffling blindly about.
Now, you shouldn’t get worried at all. The black Golden Retriever, as most dog enthusiasts theorize, is merely a very rare and recessive gene that was expressed by the puppy. Most enthusiasts trace the origin of this gene back to one of the Golden Retriever’s ancestors, the Flat-Coat Retriever. This type of retriever had a black coat gene in its genetic makeup, and it’s possible that this gene is …

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First Aid Tips and Supplies for Your Dog

As pet owners, you must have the appropriate knowledge in caring for your dog and most important are first aid procedures and supplies for your dog
. It is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it can save the life of your pet. You should have a first aid kit supplies available in your homes. Accidents can happen in our most unexpected time and place. As pet owners, we should be prepared and ready for anything that could happen to your pet.
When emergency situations occur you should assess your dog. Observe and carefully approach your dog. Know if he is breathing or he is bleeding. Do not rush into things without assessing. When the dog …

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How To Teach Your Dog To Come In 3 Easy Steps

Follow the painless ideas below and you will find you can confidently call your dog to come.
1. Your dog must come to expect only beneficial things, when he obeys the “come” command.
When you summon your dog with the “come” command, never reward him with a reproof. If there are going to be any objectionable results, you need to go to your dog, not call him.
If you need you dog for any process he’s not a fan of, don’t call him with the “come” command. When you have a dog that thinks baths or having his nails trimmed obnoxious, don’t use the”come” command when you need him for this.
2. Coming on command must be a rewarding …

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