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Origins of the Norwegian Forest Cat

There is a great deal of interest in the Norwegian Forest Cat. The breed was recognized in Norway in 1973 and then sold in Sweden in 1977. Shortly thereafter it came to the United States. Its history goes back further to the days of the Vikings, who enjoyed them as companions and mousers. In Norway, its name is Norsk Skogkatt and its natural habitat was in the surrounding forests. Yet, this breed is not a cat from the wilds, but lived with the Norwegians in their homes. The Norwegian Forest Cat is not only a hunter, but a loving companion. It gets along with other animals and children. Despite its muscular, large size; it demonstrates …

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Chewing Disorders and strange Appetites in Cats

There are cats, which are universally characterized as finicky eaters, who orally obsess upon objects such as fabric, string and plastic. They can proceed to suck, chew or ingest these materials as well.
Some animal behaviorists believe kittens that are orphaned or weaned too early were never taught by their mother to stop nursing. Consequently, later in life the cat may pick up where it left off using a synthetic mother-substitute. A little chewing or sucking is absolutely normal for inquisitive kittens, however, it can be a problem when the behavior is repeated over and over again or damaging to the cat and/or household that has been thought to be an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The disorder can …

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Avoiding Cat Bladder Infection

Cats are prone to bladder infections. Other names for this disease are feline lower urinary tract disease and feline urological syndrome. The result is bloody urine and microscopic crystals. Other signs are your cat urinating elsewhere than the litter box, drinking excessive amounts of water, vomiting, depression, and loud meowing when it pees. These symptoms are created by the inflammation in the cat’s bladder. Detecting this illness promptly can save your friend from suffering serious illness. A male cat’s urethra can be blocked, which can make his bladder expand too much and rupture because of toxins and he will die.
There are several treatments for this disease, but antibiotics is the most used treatment. The vet …

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Cat Health: Tips On How To Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

In my opinion cats make some of the best pets to have. They are much cleaner then dogs, able to do more things on their own, and love to cuddle with you. But they won’t get in your face and try to jump all over you. When you have a cat you will want to make sure that you take care of them.
This includes keeping them up to date with their inoculations, feeding them the correct food, washing them, and even brushing their teeth. Not many people think that they should brush their teeth – but like with humans it assists to prevent gum disease and other things that can come about within the mouth. …

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Secret Tips For Training Your Cats

If we’re talking about human’s best friends, the answers are dogs or cats. Consider having cats around in the house is the good way to give your kids good friends/companions.
Pets/Cats can bring happiness to family, but as the owner you need to give them time and find great way to show your cats caring.
As you may have already known that cats are very independent, so it is very important that you start out on the right foot to ensure a positive and long-lasting relationship, you need to communicate with your cats to give some understanding about house rules.
There are tips for your first or new cat, start the first tip is that you need to …

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Persian cat: Chocolate and Lilac color

Chocolate or lilac Persians?
Can it be possible? I, as an owner, breeding Persians and exots, pose myself such a problem quite recently. Of, course they exist, if to see from genetic point of view. These colors are included into standard, there is their description, but… Where are they? By all accounts from abroad, they have such animals but for some reason they are more often met in pedigrees of British cats as experimental partners for leading new color into the breed, but not like exhibition stars. It had to spent lots of time to answer the question: ‘What is the real situation with Lilac and Chocolate in the Persian group?’
The paradox came to light at …

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The Best Natural Cat Immunity Enhancers

Natural cat immunity enhancers are a relatively new development in the area of veterinary medicine, but they are based on centuries old principles which have been put to successful use on animals and humans alike. The basic idea is that maintaining a healthy immune system will lead to overall good health. It’s really that simple, and now a range of natural products make it that much easier when it comes to helping our furry friends.
Just like humans, cats are exposed to a host of environmental toxins on a daily basis. This exposure, combined with a less than ideal diet and lack of exercise, can leave the immune system compromised, opening the door to a host …

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What Causes Cats To Lose Their Hair

When we have pets we do not think of the challenging illnesses that they are vulnerable to. We recognize that they should have average trips to the vet to ensure that they do not have ring worm or fleas – but we never think about how they might have cancer or other similar problems.
One disease that your cat might hurt through is alopecia – or hair loss. It may take a month or two to determine that all or parts of your cat’s body has lost big quantities of hair that does not seem to be growing back. This problem may be caused by many various things.
The most likely cause for hair loss is an …

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Two Steps To Stop A Cat From Urinating In The House Ever Again

Is your cat urinating outside its litter box? Are you fed up of cleaning cat pee off the floor? Then you have to read on. I am going to reveal why a cat starts urinating in the house so that you can fix them.
Before we start on how to stop a cat from urinating in the house are you sure that your cat is urinating or is it spraying? How do you know the difference? Well if you are finding urine low down on your walls or furniture then your cat is spraying not urinating. Spraying is a different problem to urinating because it is not related to an aversion to a litter tray but …

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Picking Safe Cat Toys

If you have a cat as a pet, you might have observed that they usually have different play styles than their canine counterparts. Toys are very important for cats than they are for dogs. Cat toys help fight boredom and it also gives them an outlet for their instinctive prey chasing behaviors. Playing with your pet can also be a bonding experience for the two of you.
However, when you are planning to buy a toy for your pet, you should make sure that the toys you are buying are safe for them. The type of toy that you buy depends on the size of your pet, their activity level, and preferences. You should also consider …

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