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Canine Incontinence – Urinary Problems Can Be Easily Solved

Canine incontinence is a urinary system disorder that is used to describe a wide variety of problems. Symptoms of incontinence in dogs can include:
# Painful Urination
# Urine that Leaks
# Urination at Night when Sleeping
# Urine that Dribbles
# Infrequent Urination
# Frequent Urination
The cause of this condition is determined via a physical examination of your dog and an analysis of the urine. To take a urine sample, your veterinarian may need to insert a catheter into your pet to ensure that the sample is clean and free of bacteria. Your veterinarian will also check for crystals which are little bits of minerals that are a byproduct of the digestive process. Too many of these crystals indicates a …

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Canine Cancer Patients Have New Hope

Can canine cancer some day be a disease of the past? With the constant research to find a cure for this devastating disease, many promising treatments are being developed for both human and canine cancers.
No matter if it pertains to a human or a pet, canine cancer is a word no one wants to hear. Pet owners are confronted with this daily, but new research shows there may be a way to beat or at least fight this fatal disease.
A common canine cancer called melanoma is a common skin cancer in humans, and is a type that is also shared with canines. These are extremely dangerous, and dogs develop it more often as mouth cancer …

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Servicing Your Canine’s Needs

A canine can bring in far more laughs than a lot of things. After all, it is man’s best friend. Come home after a long day of work and your canine will be at the door barking welcome and wagging his tail furiously. Rebuke him for some wickedness and get ready for a day of skulking around with his tail between his legs. Of course, he will just be waiting for a signal from you that indicates that you have forgiven him. Dogs are among the most forgiving creatures in the world, and among the most loving as well.
In this day and age of late marriages and even later pregnancies, many couples who want to …

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