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Custom Aquariums Have Many Unique Features

Are you looking to expand your aquarium to a larger size, as your collection of fish has grown? Perhaps you’ve had a smaller tank for years, and want to upgrade for even more fun! Or, you may be moving instead, and finally have enough room for a truly large underwater habitat. Maybe you simply need one for your office setting, which will provide hours of visual enjoyment for those in the waiting area. Whatever the reason for your interest in custom aquariums, there is much to consider before buying one of these units. To help you navigate this process for a superior outcome, let’s examine the features you’ll need to keep in mind below.
Safe Weight …

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How to Keep Discus Fish Free from Disease

For those whose hobby is keeping discus fish, it is very advisable to recognize not just regarding how to raise them but as well as knowledge about a variety of diseases which have effect on them. Knowing well on many discus fish disease could be very useful intended for identifying the disease in your pets and treating them.
Frequently, the disease that usually this kind of fish suffers from is appearing a hole in their head. Early detection is important enough to ensure that you can give them effective treatment as soon as possible.
You need to keep in mind that the longer this fish suffer from disease, the more risk the disease may possibly cause its …

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A Freshwater Aquarium for the Smaller Home

Space limitation is hardly an issue when it comes to considering ownership of a freshwater aquarium. Mini aquariums are on the rise in popularity due to their small size and their relatively small monetary outlay. (Read: way cheaper than that tank you see at your dentist’s office!) As always, do weigh the pros and cons before running out and buying anything.
The advantages of keeping a small aquarium are many. Obviously the convenience of the size is number one. Aquariums are something you can enjoy in a small apartment or a college dormitory. Most landlords will not even count small aquariums as pets! The miniature aquariums tend to be lower maintenance. Since less fish can be …

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About Saltwater Aquarium Fish

Saltwater aquarium fish are amongst the most beautiful of animals to be found anywhere in the world. A variety of saltwater aquarium fish can be housed in your marine tank provided you know what they need in terms of care, such as feeding, environment, competitors and space to grow.
Any marine enthusiast will tell you that setting up a marine tank is tricky and so is choosing the right saltwater aquarium fish! This is because it’s easy to make mistakes with the kinds of fish you choose. It’s usually best to start your marine tank with a few hardy and affordable fish. The majority of saltwater aquarium fish are collected from nature rather than captive raised …

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Fish Diseases, Parasites, and Troubles

Fortunately, far fewer diseases and parasites attack our fishes in the aquarium than they do in Nature. This is probably because the aquarium does not furnish favorable conditions for the life cycle which many of them undergo.
A common disease popularly called “Ick” which is short for Ichthyophthirius, a certain parasite causing the trouble. This is referred to as the pepper and salt disease because in advanced cases white specks appear on the fins and body resembling seasoning. If not treated quickly when noticed, they multiply rapidly and a coating of fungus on the fish follows causing death soon after that.
The cause of the attack is usually from chill. The fishes resistance will be reduced, while …

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3 Ways To Prevent Overfeeding Your Cichlid Fish

When it comes to managing the food supply of fish, Cichlids are a special case. There are not many fish species out there that are hungrier and seemingly more desperate for food. However, overfeeding your Cichlids can cause all manner of problems, and can lead to their suffering illness and even death. This article runs you through three quick pointers that should prevent you from giving your Cichlids more than they can handle when it comes to feeding time.
1. First of all, know that Cichlids are very greedy. This is the case with all of them, no matter how slim or hungry they look. They basically do not need a lot of food to lead …

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Cloudy Fish Tank – What Can You Do?

If your fish tank has gone cloudy, don’t despair, it’s quite common and is unlikely to be anything that is harming the fish. Fish don’t seem to mind; in fact it’s the tank owner who gets more upset simply because all their efforts are disappearing into a white fog.
I’m going to assume that your tank has been set up for a while and rule out the cloudy fish tank water that can happen if you don’t rinse the substrate thoroughly before setting up.
That really leaves a couple of options depending on the color of your cloud. If it’s white it is most likely caused by a bacterial bloom.   This is a sudden increase in bacteria …

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Oscars Fish

Some people say that oscar fish are ugly,my wife is one of those people she is always complaining how ugly she thinks my oscar fish is. I on the other hand think they are elegant,clever and very handsome fish,just like a pet dog my oscar fish knows who i am and always swims to the front of the tank when he sees me.
Anyway enough of that,here are a few tips on looking after oscar fish. When you first set up your tank wait at least 6 weeks before adding any oscar fish and regularly check the water quality until stable. Don’t add any more than one or two fish at a time and wait till …

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Tropical Fish Tanks That Delight The Viewer

There is nothing quite like a well tended aquarium of fish to act as a major attraction. It seems to act like a magnet, immediately capturing people’s interest and holding their concentration. Even after moving away from the aquarium they feel the urge to go back and look at it again and again. It seems to have a hypnotic effect on them and indeed it is recognised that by viewing an aquarium of fish for a period of time, is one of the best ways to relax.
If you are in the same room as a tank of fish, you find yourself drawn to viewing it time and again. It is little wonder why you will …

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Aquarium Background – Get it Right the First Time

Far too often aquarium backgrounds are either completely ignored or the importance of them is underestimated. It is imperative that you  remember that your aquarium should be a major focal point of your complete home decoration scheme and this of course means that it should be set up complete with an adequate aquarium background.
So Many More Choices Today
The days are long gone when a simple mirrored or similar type of decorative, reflective aquarium background will do. This is in part because there is a constantly expanding choice of new and better styles of more complex reflective backgrounds to choose from for your aquarium. Also, new technologies have appeared that can completely upgrade the decorative benefits …

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