What you can do when fleas attack your dog

One of the worse things that owners hate the most is household fleas. A household flea not only breeds in your carpet or elsewhere but also on your bulldog. They can produce up to 600 eggs in a month! They cause terrible skin conditions to dogs just with a single bite if your dog is allergic to it.

It only takes one flee bite to make your dog start itching. 400 times are the numbers of time they bite. This means that it can suck blood more than its body weight from your dog. A female flea lays hundreds of eggs on your dog. Thus, fleas carry other parasites such as tapeworms. With this there is a possibility that your dog has tapeworm too.

Dog’s immune system reacts to the saliva, containing protein when he got bitten. The, this will cause skim allergy right away. Your dog will scratch non stop for a week and it will cause hair loss. Fleas might be gone when you realized your dogs are scratching. Below are a few ways to keep fleas away:

- Bath your dog and wash his beddings in flea shampoo. It will only remove them.

- Homemade spray can be made with apple cider vinegar, water, 3 types of oil, lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus oil. Use it on your dog’s fur.

- Bug Off Garlic is useful in keeping fleas away.

- Use Skin-So-Soft from Avon but you have to mix a gallon of water to every 3 tablespoon.

- Flea color but keep an eye on your dog because it is health hazard.

- Xenex is an herbal treatment that keeps fleas away.

- Add one drop of each: Cedarwood, Eucalyptus,Lavender, Lemon, Mint, Rosemary or Terebinth to every 150ml or half cup. Then, brush it all the way on your dog’s skin.

When your bulldog reacts to the bite, you can do something to soothe his body such as:

- Prevent more infection by keep the area clean with water and soap

- Apply Neosporin or Bactoderm on the affected area. Just a bit will do.

- Calendula cream works in soothe itchy skin

Harry Losen is a freelance writer and is keen on a number of subject areas. He has also written about dog identity tags and symptoms of dog ear infection.