Cat Health: Tips On How To Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

In my opinion cats make some of the best pets to have. They are much cleaner then dogs, able to do more things on their own, and love to cuddle with you. But they won’t get in your face and try to jump all over you. When you have a cat you will want to make sure that you take care of them.
This includes keeping them up to date with their inoculations, feeding them the correct food, washing them, and even brushing their teeth. Not many people think that they should brush their teeth – but like with humans it assists to prevent gum disease and other things that can come about within the mouth. …

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Buyer Beware – The Truth About Indoor Guinea Pig Runs

If you’re thinking of getting or already have a guinea pig, here are some tips on creating an indoor run. Guinea pigs need to come out of their cage or house for exercise every day to prevent boredom, stress and becoming overweight, leading to severe health problems.
In guinea pig care, this daily exercise is known as Floor Time. Many owners are delighted at the sight of their guinea pig ‘popcorning’ when they have enough space to properly stretch their legs in- doing excited little flips and turns. This is one of the healthy signs of a contended ‘piggie’.
Size Matters
They key to it all is space. Imagine housing a mini-athlete – these little animals can really …

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How Can Parasites Put Your Pet’s Life In Danger?

Many of us have pets at home and these lovely creatures sometimes may get sick. People love to keep birds, fish, dogs, cats and other pets. Some even like to keep spiders and snakes.
In this article we are going to talk about pets that suffer from parasites although they may seem to be healthy. There is an undeniable fact that some parasites such as: giardiasis, amebiasis, cryptosporidiosis, ectoparasite, endoparasite and so on put our pet’s life in danger. These parasites infect the gut epithelial cells and prolong their existence inside the intestines.
The cucumber tapeworm is a kind of parasite that is infective to the pet’s hosts. This type of parasite causes diarrhea and restiveness. How …

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The Ball Python – A Basic Snake

Ball pythons grow to about 4 feet in length and some may grow to about 5 feet in length. They become nicely rounded if properly fed. They have anal spurs. These are single claws that appear on either side of the vent. Males have longer spurs than females and males also have smaller heads than females. They have blotches on a brown or bluish-brown background color. Colors may vary but there will be shades of yellow found in all ball pythons.
Basic Care:
Glass tanks can be used for housing with a fixed glass top. Ball pythons are more cunning than other snakes when it comes to escaping from the cage. A ten gallon tank can be …

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Arabian Horse – 2000 Years Old And Still Here

The Arabian horse is an animal which has lived on the Arabian Peninsula for well over 2000 years. These horses were properly bred to demonstrate many traits which were attractive, such as strength, beauty, and endurance. Many experts on horses have concluded that Arabian horses are among the oldest breeds in the world.
The Bedouins were a nomadic people who are given credit for first taming the Arabian horse. The Bedouins made every effort to protect the purity of these horses, and many could trace back the lineage of the horses they owned. During this time, it was critical to have a horse which was strong, fast, and courageous. It also had to be capable of …

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About Saltwater Aquarium Fish

Saltwater aquarium fish are amongst the most beautiful of animals to be found anywhere in the world. A variety of saltwater aquarium fish can be housed in your marine tank provided you know what they need in terms of care, such as feeding, environment, competitors and space to grow.
Any marine enthusiast will tell you that setting up a marine tank is tricky and so is choosing the right saltwater aquarium fish! This is because it’s easy to make mistakes with the kinds of fish you choose. It’s usually best to start your marine tank with a few hardy and affordable fish. The majority of saltwater aquarium fish are collected from nature rather than captive raised …

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5 Great Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of gifts to give your friends and loved ones. Finding unique gifts can present a challenge, and most people never consider giving pet-related gifts. Since the chances are good that more than one person on your holiday gift list has a pet that he or she adores, why not give a distinctive gift that your recipient will treasure? Here are five great gift ideas to get you started:
1. Fine Art Animal Prints
Dogs may come in many shapes and sizes, but each has a personality all its own. One of the most delightful gifts you can give to a pet lover is a fine …

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Fish Diseases, Parasites, and Troubles

Fortunately, far fewer diseases and parasites attack our fishes in the aquarium than they do in Nature. This is probably because the aquarium does not furnish favorable conditions for the life cycle which many of them undergo.
A common disease popularly called “Ick” which is short for Ichthyophthirius, a certain parasite causing the trouble. This is referred to as the pepper and salt disease because in advanced cases white specks appear on the fins and body resembling seasoning. If not treated quickly when noticed, they multiply rapidly and a coating of fungus on the fish follows causing death soon after that.
The cause of the attack is usually from chill. The fishes resistance will be reduced, while …

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PetSafe Radio Fence: Facilitating You Manage For Your Pets

PetSafe Radio Fence: As much as pets have grown component of your family, they too merit the same treatment that the other family members receive. Passion, Aid, freedom, console, and safety should also be enjoyed by them. As they say, they may be haired but they are still family. Yes, so, they are family. They are man’s most admirable friend. And you can absolutely fortify your links with them by causing them healthy, happy, and stable just like you would wish your human family members to be.
PetSafe: An Overview
PetSafe is an global company settled in Knoxville, Tennessee. They were constituted in 1991 and at present possess three offices all over the United States and three …

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Managing a Pet’s Pain With Medicine

Not too long ago, veterinarians though pain served a purpose and was not to be treated in animals. They believed that pain was a natural way to keep an animal still and quiet so they could heal. However, today the thought is much different. Veterinarians now see that animal’s suffer much as humans do and that pain is not necessary as part of treatment for an illness or injury.
The New Idea about Pain
The AAHA/AAFP Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats is a guide to pan treatment in animals. These guidelines explain the importance of using pain management to help in the recovery process and help reduce stress on the animal and generally make the …

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