Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

We all know that dogs occasionally like to eat grass, but why they do it is still not fully proven. There are a couple theories, but the two most prominent ones are that either dogs like the smell and taste of grass and eat it as a result or because their stomach is upset and they want to throw up the food that cannot be digested properly. Recently, more and more dog owners believe their dogs eat grass because they like its sweet smell and taste.

We all know that dogs are mainly carnivores but can also be omnivores and opportunistic feeders, meaning they will eat vegetables and fruits if hungry or to keep their diet balanced, but their main diet is meat. So, when we take our dogs for a walk, they are looking around for different smells, as well as, feeding opportunities. The smell of the grass makes them want to try it. The problem is that they cannot completely chew the thin grass blades, so they swallow them. This causes a tickling/irritating sensation in their throats and stomach which makes them want to throw up. Hence, it is not that they eat grass to throw up or because their stomach hurts, but they eat grass because they like it.

I fully believe this is true since our dog wants to eat grass almost every time we go for a walk, especially the fresher and softer blades that have just recently grown. Many other dog owners concur with this fact and also say that their dogs eat grass every time they are in contact with it. This is good news! We all now know that our dogs are not possessed or crazy and that their stomachs are not upset every day of the week. I think that we can confidently say that we have found the answer as to why dogs eat grass.

While it is normal for dogs to eat grass, you need to be careful so that the dog does not eat grass that has been treated with an insecticide, herbicide, fertilizer or other harmful chemicals. When walking your dog, it is best to watch your dog constantly to make sure that he does not stop to eat the grass as most grass on the street and in parks is treated with some chemicals.

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