Secret Tips For Training Your Cats

If we’re talking about human’s best friends, the answers are dogs or cats. Consider having cats around in the house is the good way to give your kids good friends/companions.

Pets/Cats can bring happiness to family, but as the owner you need to give them time and find great way to show your cats caring.

As you may have already known that cats are very independent, so it is very important that you start out on the right foot to ensure a positive and long-lasting relationship, you need to communicate with your cats to give some understanding about house rules.

There are tips for your first or new cat, start the first tip is that you need to create his/her own space. Think about the good environment for your cats.

Cats are similar to children so always recognize and reward good behavior. Be prepared for bad behavior, never punish but give your cat praise, stroking, toys or a treat if they do well. They’re smart enough to learn to repeat performances that will get rewards.

Schedule feeding time, it’s more convenient to feed your cat at the same time as your eating time so she will not feast on leftovers. Make sure she has the good food and very important not to overfeed your cat.

Visit your veterinarian for the necessary vaccination that she should receive and the frequency of the vaccination. This will protect her from serious diseases. Mostly the first vaccination starts when she’s about 2 months. The next is 2 weeks after the first.

Cats really hate water but it is also a good thing to bathe them once in awhile. They may be trained to love it while they are still young. Do not spray water on your cat, slowly pouring. You can apply shampoo but don’t use it too frequently as it can also cause damage to their furs. Comb their furs regularly to help it free from fleas as well.

It is important to trim their claws but the cat’s claws have pink tissues called ‘the quick’ that may lead to bleeding when trimmed so be careful. The best timing is when she is sleeping or relaxed.

Start training your cat as early as possible, it will also help you prevent and avoid problems early. Let them learn to stop the bad behaviors like scratching your furniture and train your cat to use the litter box.

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