How Keeping Pets Benefits Your Health

For millions of people worldwide, pets are considered as members of the family. Beyond the inexplicable emotional bond we typically forge with our animal friends, scientific studies have proven that we get more from keeping and caring for a pet than just companionship or indulging our inherent need to become preoccupied. This has been proven by many people who were proven to live happier, healthier, more independent lives simply because they have pets. To learn about the many health benefits of keeping a pet, read on.

Pets help prolong life for those who have suffered from a heart attack.

According to statistics, dog owners who have undergone heart attacks experienced higher chances of survival after their hospitalization compared to their counterparts. Likewise, other pet owners (regardless of whatever kind of pet they keep) who have cardiovascular diseases have better increased longevity after they had been hospitalized due to their condition.

They help to lower blood pressure.

Studies showed that women who underwent stress tests in the presence of a dog yielded lower blood pressure results. Similarly, dogs have the same effect on children, whose blood pressure, heart rate, and distress, are considerably lower when they take medical tests with the aforementioned nearby.

Pets are identified to be of great help in alleviating stress.

Have you ever wondered why running your hands on your pet’s pelt makes you feel better and lighter, especially after a hard day’s work? Studies have shown that pet owners who keep dogs or cats with them in their offices do not experience the same blood pressure increase, as they go about with their tasks compared to those who work without their pets around. So, given that you can’t bring your pet with you to work, try keeping a picture of him in your office instead. Or you can try petting him as soon as you come home from work.

They can help diminish your cholesterol and triglyceride level.

Regardless of weight, dietary habits, or practiced vices(smoking and drinking), pet owners are said to have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels compared to their counterparts.

Keeping pets help you stay physically active.

Pets need to be cared and for. Aside from feeding them, it is vital that they get regular exercise. With these responsibilities that come with keeping pets, pet owners are prompted to move around every once so often as they attend to their pet’s needs, thus forcing them to become physically active.

Having pets works to help promote overall good health.

Based on a study conducted in nursing homes, those that make use of pet therapy-a therapeutic method aimed to help keep seniors both mentally and physically healthy-have proven the success of keeping animal companions in ensuring the overall good health of people. This was reflected in the lowered cost of expenses alloted for medications and doctor consultations. Likewise, this result coincides with a finding that showed people who keep pets at home have fewer health dilemmas, hence spending less on medical necessities.

Dogs can be trained to foretell an impending seizure.

Recently, it has been confirmed that dogs can indeed be trained to detect if their owners are about to have a seizure. They are especially taught in identifying the tell-tale indications that could lead to the aforementioned attack 15 up to 45 minutes before its onset. This would give their owners ample time to prepare or call for help and thus have a better chance for survival.

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