Dogs: How to Socialize Your Puppy

Socializing your dog is a very necessary part of owning a dog. It is a life long process and will help them become comfortable in almost any environment. A well socialized dog gets along well with other dogs and people.

Unsocialized dogs are unpredictable around other people and especially other dogs and reflect poorly on you as a dog owner. It’s not that time consuming to socialize your dog so here’s how to begin the socialization process with your dog.

1. Make them comfortable in your house.

The minute they arrive home as puppies you should let them explore their new surroundings. Under your watchful eye let them explore the house. Make sure the house is quite and their aren’t too many other people inside, you don’t want to scare them or have sensory overload. Then when they are comfortable in the house and being around your family and other people take them out into the world to begin the next crucial step.

2. Enroll your dog in obedience school

Going to school is just as important for your dog just as it is important for children. It doesn’t matter whether they are a puppy or full grown as going to school will get them use to being around other dogs, new people and will teach them basic social skills. This is also an opportunity to strengthen bonds between you and your dog.

3. Get out as much as possible

You’ll want to make sure you get out and about with your dog as much as possible so they can get used to the world. Take them out on a leash and make sure they are aware of cars on the street, don’t bark or jump at people and dogs walking along the sidewalk, etc.. Most people want to keep their dogs indoors and only take them out when necessary but doing so could mean your dog will not be used to going out.

You want a socialized dog that is used to people, other dogs and the world around them. You also want to ensure you’ll feel comfortable taking them anywhere dogs are legally allowed to go.

There you have it. Three ways to socialize your puppy over time. The socialization process is a lifelong process but it isn’t that much work if you get them comfortable being at home, enroll them in obedience school and get them outside as many times as you can.

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