The Importance of Bird Toys in Your Bird’s Health and Happiness

The first thing most people notice about birds is their beauty. The color of their feathers, the intricate patterns their feathers make, they look so soft and some are so tiny! Beyond their outward appearance, however, birds are amazingly intelligent creatures that require daily mind-stimulating activity to keep them at their healthiest and happiest.

Can you imagine being confined to an area with nothing to do? It would be awful, wouldn’t it? It’s unfortunate that some people don’t realize that their bird feels the same way if they are stuck in their cage all day long without any bird toys or activities. People forget that birds are indigenous to an open environment and large cages may not be enough to keep them from becoming ill and depressed. A bird needs to be challenged by daily exercise and activities with bird toys that encourage the use of their natural instincts to keep them healthy and happy. If you think bird care amounts to nothing more than a cage and food, you are not adequately taking care of your bird!

The most common causes of a sick bird are environment and diet. Again, we have removed this animal from its natural environment, and have a responsibility to ensure that when enclosed, the bird is as active and stimulated as possible. Daily playtime with bird toys inside your bird’s cage and, with some species, outside of your bird’s cage is critical for your bird’s health. For example, cockatiels and budgies need at least one hour of playtime outside of their cage in a safe and controlled environment everyday to maintain optimal health and happiness. Should your bird be locked up it its cage at all times, it may become depressed and sick.

Other birds may not be in need of out of cage playtime every day, but all birds need to have a wide variety of bird toys to play with in their cage. Your bird’s toys should be purchased with care, ensuring that they are the right toy for your bird’s size and species. Bird toys are critical to the development and over all happiness of your bird. They crave playtime just like your children and other pets do. They also crave variety. Make sure that you have plenty of bird toys for your bird, and switch the toys out on a regular basis so your fine-feathered friend doesn’t become bored or anxious.

Like a new puppy, your bird needs to chew! It’s critical that they be able to chew on things regularly to maintain the health and maintenance of their beak. Chewing is also a normal behavior in your bird; it’s fun and mentally stimulating to them. Chew toys are different things to different birds. Small birds can enjoy plastic chew toys without danger; however, a large bird such as a parrot could potentially swallow a plastic toy part after destroying it! Make sure for your large birds that you buy plenty of wood, leather, rawhide or acrylic bird toys that are size appropriate!

Finally, birds, like humans, get bored! To maintain optimum health and happiness for your bird, make sure to mix things ups and keep it interesting. Remember, they usually fly around free outdoors, which provides plenty of activity and stimulation. You have caged this lovely creature so make sure you give them plenty of entertainment to keep them happy. Switch out their bird toys and perches regularly; let them out of their cage if they are trained to do so and are in a safe environment; play them music or keep the TV on softly; make sure they interact with all of your family and friends as birds are social creatures!

Remember, your pet bird is your baby! Make sure they are the happiest and healthiest they can be with plenty of size and species appropriate bird toys. You will both be rewarded in the long run with a wonderful companionship for years to come!

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I’m an animal lover who has a special appreciation for birds; their beauty and intelligence are second to none! One of my favorite things to do is give my hummingbirds fresh nectar because they will literally fly up to me while I’m re-hanging the feeder.

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