Training Ferrets to Use The Litter Box Getting You Down? Learn the Easy Steps to Train Them

For starters there are two types of potty training: in cage training and out of cage. We will be discussing, in cage, the easier of the two.
Litter Box, training ferrets– The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. We’ve all gone through this. Most kits will use the whole cage as a litter box (except for the litter box). baby ferrets are known for scratching kicking and throwing litter all over from Seattle to Singapore. (The ONLY instance that ferrets are similar to cats in when you use a little persuasion, patience and persistence when potty training ferrets so they will use a litter box in their cage) You should never completely …

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Selecting Breeds of Guinea Pigs as Pets

Developing a number of breeds of guinea pigs has been a hobby pursued in many countries over the years. Different guinea pig breeds have been created as a result of these breeding efforts. The number of cross breeds and mixtures of guinea pigs that are now kept as pets all over the world are a result of successful breeding of the guinea pigs native to South America. Domesticated guinea pigs have been sold for many years.
Trend to breed guinea pigs
Today the trend is to breed guinea pigs in order to supply a growing need for pet owners of small apartments. You see, pet owners who live in apartments love guinea pigs. Not only are they …

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Take the Bite Out of Pet Dental Care

There’s more to cleaning your dog or cat’s teeth than meets the nose! There is no doubt you want your furry friend to have fresh clean breath, but just like in people, teeth that have been not been cared for properly can eventually cause heart problems in animals.
For the sake of prevention, it certainly won’t hurt to take your little buddy in for an oral care checkup after they are a couple of years old. Your veterinarian may suggest that you do yearly cleanings and checkups after that, or you they may tell you that it doesn’t have to be that frequent, as is often the case for larger dog breeds.
During these visits, there will …

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The Benefits Of Healthy Homemade Dog Food – What Every Dog Owner Should Know

Every dog owner should know the benefits of healthy homemade dog food. Most probably believe they are already giving their dog the best nutrition. The fact is, dog food you make at home can be a lot healthier because it contains natural nutritious foods without additives, preservatives, or chemicals, which can be found in many commercial brands. In this article, you will learn the benefits of healthy homemade dog food.
Longer Life
Healthy, homemade dog food contains natural, whole foods that you choose. You pick the recipes, so you will always know what’s going in his meals. This ensures that no harmful ingredients are used that shorten a dog’s life span. Dog’s that are on a healthy, …

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Rabbit Care – How to

Rabbits are high maintenance, they do require exercise, attention, human interaction and training on a daily basis. Bunnies tend to live for 12-18 years so it really pays to do your research before you commit to the adoption of a rabbit.
Rabbits are fragile animals, young children and rabbits often do not mix well. Young children are usually loud and unpredictable, this can cause the rabbits stress and can lead the rabbits to have a heart attack. If you are considering a rabbit for your children it may pay to consider another pet.
The responsibility of owning a pet can be a wonderful experience for older children. Older kids know how to handle the rabbits with care. …

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Dog Safety In Your Car

While you are making sure that everyone in the car is buckled up for even short journeys, it is just as important to make sure your 4 legged friends are strapped in too. Dog safety in the car is paramount to everyone’s safety. If you are in an automobile accident, and your dog is unrestrained in your car, he will be thrown at speed into your dash, the seat-back, or you. A large dog can cause serious injury to anyone in the car, including himself. Here are some options for keeping dogs safe in a moving vehicle.
This method, while it does stop your dog from moving around the car and creating a nuisance, doesn’t bode …

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Cheap Chicken Coop Building With a Limited Budget

All around the world people are looking to keep chickens in their backyards. But when just starting out most people encounter the same problem, purchasing a coop to keep their chickens can come at a pretty high cost. The majority of us can’t afford to throw money away in these current difficult times so we are all looking at cheap options for everything – including chicken coops and runs. The good news is that I’ve found a way of building your chicken coop while keeping the costs within any budget. So now for a fraction of the cost of buying a coop you can build your own.
I know what you’re thinking, it’s going to take …

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Should You Consider Alternative Medicine For Pets? Find Out Now

Alternative medicine for pets is about two important things.
1. Treating and preventing health problems that commonly affect pet animals like dogs and cats using natural remedies.
2. Strengthening their immune system and increasing their vitality so that they stay healthy for a long time.
Why consider alternative pet health supplements?
Alternative medications, herbal and homeopathic medications in particular, are very effective. Unlike most other types of medications, they do not treat just the symptoms of a health problem. They also treat the cause of the problem. Also, these medications mostly contain herbs and other medicinal plants which are completely natural. So, unlike some prescription drugs, they do not cause any allergic reactions or other such side effects.
What to …

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What Causes Cats To Lose Their Hair

When we have pets we do not think of the challenging illnesses that they are vulnerable to. We recognize that they should have average trips to the vet to ensure that they do not have ring worm or fleas – but we never think about how they might have cancer or other similar problems.
One disease that your cat might hurt through is alopecia – or hair loss. It may take a month or two to determine that all or parts of your cat’s body has lost big quantities of hair that does not seem to be growing back. This problem may be caused by many various things.
The most likely cause for hair loss is an …

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The Importance of Bird Toys in Your Bird’s Health and Happiness

The first thing most people notice about birds is their beauty. The color of their feathers, the intricate patterns their feathers make, they look so soft and some are so tiny! Beyond their outward appearance, however, birds are amazingly intelligent creatures that require daily mind-stimulating activity to keep them at their healthiest and happiest.
Can you imagine being confined to an area with nothing to do? It would be awful, wouldn’t it? It’s unfortunate that some people don’t realize that their bird feels the same way if they are stuck in their cage all day long without any bird toys or activities. People forget that birds are indigenous to an open environment and large cages may …

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