Dwarf Hamsters Fighting

As a pet owner, you never want to see dwarf hamsters fighting. Ideally they will get along peacefully and happily throughout their entire lives. Unfortunately fighting does happen. If you’ve ever had a roommate, more often than not you’ve had fights. Its just hard to avoid if you’re lived together with someone for in the same place for an extended period of time. Dwarf hamsters fighting isn’t always a bad thing though. Sometimes they’re just play-fighting and it is completely harmless. Other times though, the fighting is serious and not only can serious injuries happen, but one of the dwarf hamsters could even get killed.

Preventing dwarf hamsters from fighting is very straightforward. First of all, you want to try your best to house only dwarf hamsters that get along. The pairs that get along best have known each other from a very young age and are usually from the same litter. The older they are before they meet, the less likely they are to get along. Introducing a young dwarf hamster with an older one also spells trouble and most likely there will be a fight.

Sometimes dwarf hamsters will fight on and off. That is, they might fight viciously but when you put them together again they will get along. If the fighting occurs more than once, you should separate them. Even if they get along most of the time, it is just too dangerous to keep them together. Not only will you have to deal with injuries every time they fight, but if they happen to fight when you’re not around to break them up (such as in the middle of the night) you may end up with a dead dwarf hamster.

When adopting your new hamsters, try to get two that are already living together and getting along nicely. Breeders also typically try to breed only friendly and tame hamsters so you also want to see how friendly the hamsters are and only adopt the ones that are not so angry and aggressive.

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