African Grey Parrots–5 Things That Really Matter to Your African Grey

African Grey Parrots are some of the most intelligent, well spoken, and beautiful pet birds available for adoption today. Because of their many fine qualities they are also one of the most sought after parrot species for pets.

With proper care their life span can easily exceed 50 years. And here are 5 things that you can do for your Grey that really matter. A Great Home-The bigger the space you can provide for your Grey, the better its physical and mental health, general disposition, and interaction with you are likely to be. The minimum size for housing should be large enough for your bird to fully spread its wings while facing any direction in the cage. The bar width should be narrow enough so your bird cannot get its head caught between the bars. And there should be lots of horizontal perches to allow your Grey to climb without restricting its ability to spread its wings. Stainless steel cages are expensive, but they are without doubt the best value for the money. They do not chip, rust, or peel, and they are strong enough to withstand chewing from your parrot’s very strong beak. A stainless cage will last for the life of your bird. Feed Fresh Food and Water–Your parrot will enjoy eating fresh organic vegetables, fruits, sprouted seeds, and a very high quality pellet mix. And it goes without saying that clean water should be available constantly.

Be careful not to feed your bird too much Vitamin C if you are using a pellet diet as this can cause its body to absorb too much iron and lead to Iron Overload Disease. It is always best to consult with your avian vet about what to feed, as well as how much and how often. It is easy to speak in generalities about Greys, but because each bird is different, talking with your vet who has your bird’s blood work and vitals makes for a more accurate diet that is sure to be appropriate for your particular bird. An Attentive Owner–Providing a good home physically is only a part of what makes a good home for your African Grey. It will need your support in adjusting to your home, and to others in your family.

Setting aside at least several hours each day for human interaction will serve you well in making a loyal, friendly, and loving companion. African Greys have phenomenal vocabularies, and tend to respond with appropriate conversational language. Spending time with them, and encouraging their language skills can be highly rewarding for both you and your bird.

Designating 10 minutes or so of this time for obedience training will also keep your bird well socialized and stimulated. A bird that is kept alert and engaged is less likely to engage in destructive behaviors such as chewing, biting, and feather plucking. Always praise your bird, and keep training sessions short, and fun. A Great Selection of Toys-Because of their incredible intelligence African Greys can become easily bored. Keep boredom at bay by offering a variety of toys that you rotate in and out of the cage. This keeps new toys appearing constantly and gives them little chance to become bored. Be sure to keep a close eye on toys and remove them if they become damaged in a way that is no longer safe for your bird. A HEPA Air Purifier to Filter Their Air-All birds, parrots included, have highly efficient and sensitive respiratory systems. And when they are kept indoors, unless you actively filter the air, their airways will easily become clogged with dander, feathers, dust and other particulates. Clogged airways are almost always the beginning of disease and infection. And because birds are able to hide their illness so well, they can be gravely ill before they ever show signs. And often, by then it is too late. A high efficiency particle arresting air purifier will eliminate airborne particulates as small as .3 microns, and will help keep you and your African Grey healthy and happy for many years to come.

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