Use Hamster Toys To Keep Your Little Pet Healthy

Toys are a necessary part of any hamsters life. There are a few reasons for this but the most obvious one is health related. Both Syrian and dwarf hamsters need exercise to be healthy and happy. This is a bit of a challenge for hamsters because their cages are often too small to run around in. This is where we, as loving pet owners, have to be creative!

Hamster toys do a great job of making up for a small living space. They keep your little guy healthy and active while allowing him to have some fun too. You have a number of choices here and they all provide somewhat unique benefits for your pet. Have a look at some of the more popular hamster toys discussed below.

When you think of hamster toys, the first thing that inevitably comes to mind is the hamster wheel. Its actually quite difficult to picture a hamster living without one of these now! This is completely understandable. Although it is rather basic, a hamster wheel gives your little guy a lot of the exercise that he needs in order to be healthy. The fact that it fits inside even a small cage is also a huge bonus. Hamster wheels aren’t really dangerous either. In some instances, hamsters have been to know to sustain injuries while running on the wheel but these cases are very rare. Chances are that if your hamsters wheel is a good size for him, he’ll use it with great enthusiasm.

The run-about is another hamster toy that you may want to consider. This toy is essentially a ball made out of clear plastic. Your hamster gets himself inside the ball then you let him rip around your house. The run-about provides a hamster with the same benefits that come from using a hamster wheel. The cool thing about the plastic ball, though, is it lets your little guy explore a whole different world! I love run-abouts and so do my children. It is important, however, that somebody keeps an eye on the hamster while he’s outside of his cage.

There are other exercises, besides running, that every healthy hamster should be doing. One such exercise is climbing. Hamsters love to climb. Is this a bad thing? Gosh no! There are so many neat climbing toys available for hamster cages. A lot of them look like cool tree houses too. This way you can provide your hamster with a bit of atmosphere while giving him something to climb. Ive had a ton of fun setting up hamster cages for my pets. One thing that should be considered is the material that these toys are made out of. Some climbing toys made out of plastic could be mildly toxic. Its probably best to stick to natural woods and PVC free plastics.

The most important part here is to mix it up for your little friend. You want to have a variety of different toys for your hamster to use. A combination of running and climbing toys will encourage your little buddy to do different exercises all the time. Go for a healthy balance here and your pet will enjoy a long and wonderful life.

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