Secret Homemade Dog Food Diets That Work

Its really hard to believe that a dry “kibble” diet is the healthiest thing for a dog to eat. After all, its reasonable to assume that a dog will do best on a diet that closely resembles that of his wild ancestors-the wolves.

This makes dry kibble, and to a lesser extent canned dog food, a bit problematic. To see why, think about how wolves went about getting and eating their food. They do it by hunting and killing prey animals. These prey animals could include deer and rabbits, and even large game like buffalo from time to time.

Regardless of the type of game, a wolf gets his nutrients in the form of high quality raw protein from the game meat. In addition, they obtain fats from the skin and fat in the dead animal carcass, along with vegetables and trace minerals from the partially digested vegetable matter in the killed animals gut. More minerals could be obtained by consuming the dead animals bones.

In the modern, domesticated world, a movement is underfoot to mimic this natural way of eating for our pet dogs. This is done using what’s called the BARF diet. BARF is an acronym which means “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”, although some have called it “bones and raw food diet”. If your pet is showing signs of degenerative disease or dog food allergies, BARF may be the miracle dog food your looking for. A word of warning: trying to follow a home made dog food diet means more time preparing dinner for Fido.

For protein, a visit to the supermarket will suffice for your dog-where you can obtain high quality meats in the form of raw beef, chicken, and lamb. The idea is to only feed your dog raw meat, but if your thinking of doing this you might consider purchasing organic foods to reduce the risk of E.coli and salmonella infections. Personally, while I favor feeding dogs “natural” meat, it makes more sense to cook it for these reasons. Cooking the meat you serve your dog also opens up other possibilities such as turkey and pork.

The meat should be supplemented by rice and vegetables. And the truth is, commercially available dog food contains the right amount of supplements in terms of vitamins and minerals your dog needs. If you choose to follow the BARF diet or some variation of it, you can get these supplements in a product called Balance It, which contains many vitamins such as A,D, E, and B, along with minerals and other nutrients like potassium and zinc.

A more wholesome or even raw dog food diet made at home could mean better and lasting health for your dog, provided that its done right, and under the supervision or advice of your veterinarian.

About the Author

David McMahon is a freelance author who writes about pet health and training issues. For more information visit the Pet Dog Health website.