Red and White Setter Puppies

The Red and White setter is from the same family as of Irish setter, Gordon Setter and the English setter. Red and White Setter is strong and powerful, without lumber – athletic rather than racy. The head is broad in proportion to body, with good stop.

Red and White Setters are energetic, intelligent, affectionate, high-spirited, and full of energy. The dog is loyal and affectionate, and its appearance emphasizes the dog’s strength; its coat is also thicker than that of other setters. The dog’s bright, dark eyes carry a wise expression and are set into a relatively narrow and deep head. The hindquarters are wide and powerful. Legs from hip to heel are long and muscular and from hock to heel are short and strong. They are good working dogs. It even works well on wetlands for hunting.

They work well in fields and also prove to be good show dogs. Both field lines and show lines make good pets, though the field lines are generally smaller with shorter coats and a much higher activity requirement. The Red and White Setter is used for all types of hunting specially game birds. It even works well on wetlands. Training is required for this breed firmly at an early age to prevent development of bad habits, as this breed tends to pick up bad habits quickly. It is important to train for good house manners and obedience also. These dogs are said to be easily housebroken. They are extremely intelligent and strong-will, which may be seen as stubbornness but the breed is highly obedient in nature, and is considered easy to train. The training of the dog should be started early in childhood so that it can learn the house rules and can be friend to other pets. The dog should be learning first the physical commands like sit, heel etc. They love to play in outdoors and need a lot of exercise. They also require regular grooming, especially the feet and ears, to stay healthy.

PPC (Posterior Polar Cataract) is a relatively minor form of cataract, doesn’t normally lead to blindness, but is in the breed. Breeding stock should have their eyes checked and certified before breeding. The dog suffers from different diseases like hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and gastric torsion. Their life expectancy is about eleven to fifteen years. To participate in dog shows they need professional training. The Red and White Setter is not recommended for apartment life and does best with a large yard.

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