Must-know tricks to teach your dog

Getting a pet is often the easy part, especially if that pet happens to be of the ‘four legged’ variety.
If you are trying to teach your dog a few tricks and finding the ‘going’ a tad frustrating, then you definitely need to read this article. Getting advice on ‘dog training’ is a cakewalk but getting good advice, now that’s another thing altogether. The problem is further compounded by the fact that each ‘doggy’ website seems to be more intent on providing its own unique take on ‘dog training’ than providing pet owners as yourself with any useful advice. But don’t fret, for I have managed to gather a few secrets of a professional dog trainer and have listed the same out here for your easy reference. Here are a few tidbits, must know tricks that you need to teach your dog.

1. Sit – You definitely need to start your training sessions with this trick, for it is the easiest trick to teach your dog and you can advance to the more advanced tricks from here on. For starters, training sessions should be short, fun and relaxing, so do not turn out your training sessions into a chore. That said; the ‘sit’ command is the easiest command that you can teach your dog. If your dog happens to be a pup, then all that you need to do is to verbalize the ‘sit’ command just as your pup plans to hit the floor with his bottom. Try doing it a few times, with a treat being offered each time to your pup. Believe me, your pup would pick up on this command in very short time. However, if your dog happens to be a bit older, then you need to hold the treat in your hand and dangle the same in front of his nose and slowly lift it to a few centimeters above his head. Dogs are an inquisitive lot and chances are that he will follow your hand with his nose and as you lift your hand slowly, he will end up sitting on the floor. Do the same thing and verbalize the ‘sit’ command, as he is about to sit. In due time, faze out the rewards altogether and you will be able to get your dog to obey this basic command with no problems whatsoever.

2. ‘Come’ as you are - The ‘come’ command is just as easy as the previous command to teach your dog. Pups will follow you everywhere you go, so you can use this natural inquisitiveness to your advantage and teach your dog to come to you at your call. For starters, say ‘come’ and your dog’s name. The first time he does that, reward him and use positive reinforcement. Repeat the same command, and when he comes, pet and reward him with doggy treats. In due time, he will ‘come’ to you at command, without having to offer him any treats at all.

3. ‘Wait’ on me – The ‘wait’ command is a little bit trickier to teach your dog. The trick here is to put your dog on a leash and walk him to the front door [or any other door]. Just head outside and before your dog can follow you, shut the door with the leash in between. Now, your dog would be wondering what on earth is going on? Well, open the door slightly and put your palm outward [in the stop position] and tell your dog to ‘wait’. The first time will not work and will result in your dog rushing you with his nose. Don’t worry, that happens all the time and with a little patience, you should be able to train your dog this neat trick. Keep repeating the ‘door trick’ till he gets the ‘wait’ command. Remember to use positive reinforcement each time.

These are just a few commands that you can jump-start off your dog training sessions with. These tricks as well as the remainder of the secrets of a professional dog trainer are at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for? So start training your dog from today.

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