Dog Food Secrets Review

I’ve chosen to review Dog Food Secrets because of my concern over the negative affect of commercially produced dog foods on the well-being of our dogs. Andrew Lewis makes some highly controversial claims in his top selling package, Dog Food Secrets. This top notch book makes dog owners more aware of the potential dangers to their pets from feeding them some commercial foods.

Andrew Lewis claims that:

Dog Food Secrets offers a simple solution proven to increase the lifespan of your dog by up to 134% and save you up to $10,000 in veterinary bills and food costs.

Our pets are dying early due to the ingredients in most commercially produced foods. A dog living under the best possible conditions could be expected to live to 27 years of age, whereas the average North American dog only reaches 11 years of age.

It is claimed that many commercially manufactured pet foods contain dangerous chemicals and are nutritionally deficient.

The chemicals and preservatives in commercial dog food can make your dog more aggressive.

What is included in the package?

There are three packages: Bronze ($27), Silver ($37), ad Gold ($47). The confidential Dog Food Report is included in the Gold package.

Here are just a few of the vast number of topics covered in this comprehensive guide to maximize your dog’s health, vigor and life expectancy:

Six vital ingredients for dog health

Dog health care (including perfect body temperature, heart beat and respiration for your dog; how to prevent and treat heartworm; tests for intestinal worms and parasites)

Best fruit snacks

55 nutritionally balanced recipes dogs love

20 human foods deadly to dogs

How many calories your dog should be consuming

Five vaccinations dogs must have

Checklist for 18 most common dental diseases

My Conclusions:

The information in this package is definitely disturbing and shocking. I have not examined the scientific evidence to which he refers so I cannot comment on the veracity of his claims about commercial dog food.

That said, Dog Food Secrets does provide great suggestions for feeding and taking care of your dog, plus nourishing recipes which will hopefully extend your dog’s life.

Andrew Lewis is so sure that you will really like his package that you can get a 100% refund and still get to keep the whole package!

For the sake of your dog’s health, I urge you check out Dog Food Secrets. Training Dogs – Information is a free resource for dog owners offering useful tips on dog training and dog behavior problems.

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