Pets and Kids Learning Resposibility Together

Parents if you have a family pet you will probably agree with me regarding the endless experiences that kids can acquire from pet ownership. We know that owning and caring for a pet is an on going process for the lessons learned about responsibility.

Our children learn the most about many areas in life right from their home. Good manners, respect for others and responsibility to name a few. Wouldn’t you say our responsibility to them is to set an example and to be great role models? Pets fit right in because they serve as live in teachers for the whole family not just the kids.

I feel this is the first and most important lesson. Animals are one of God’s creatures that deserve the same respect and the same rights to life as humans do. Many times people think animals are disposable. Often when their uniqueness wears off or the situations change for the humans, the pets are the first to go. I understand there are situations that warrant change but the responsibility factor still applies. When agreeing to accept one of God’s creations we are agreeing to do what is in the best interest of the pet. After all it was our decision to have them with us in the first place. Pets are like kids in that adults are their spokespersons and care givers. They do not ask to come into our lives. If everyone came from that mindset there would be a lot less child or animal abuse.

Realizing from the start that this cute cuddly ball of fur is not all fun and games and know that he or she has definite needs and with those needs comes plenty of work. The daily responsibilities about pet ownership are probably the least favorite part for the kids. None the less it is a year-round 24/7 commitment. This can teach our children to be dependable and conscientious about their duties regarding their pet. These daily routines; exercise, eating healthy food, expressing love and affection can guide our children to gain healthy lifestyles for themselves. They are totally dependent on us for fulfilling their needs. Even if we do not feel like walking or feeding them it still needs to be done on a daily basis. Our pets become a very important part of our lives; they become a member of the family. Neglecting them in anyway is irresponsible behavior.

Another form of responsibility is being prepared to provide adequate health care for our pets. Veterinary visits can become quite expensive, even for routine care. This is an excellent way to teach kids the value of money.
All these basic yet extremely important lessons and many more that I have not mentioned can serve our children well. By setting a good example with our actions we can create very smart children and very grateful pets. Remember if we treat them with the love and respect they deserve that is exactly what we will get in return.

Here’s to unleashing your child’s creativity,

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