Dog Whining

Dog whining is a frequently met behavior that many dog owners would like to get rid of. There are a few methods that can be employed to help and stop dog whining. If you are facing this problem, here’s what you can do about it.

The secret for a successful dog training that deals with the cessation of dog whining is to start as early as possible. Also, there are a few important aspects that you have to bear in mind. You must be fully aware of the motives your dog has to use this method of expression. Dog whining as well as dog barking are part of the dog’s means to tell you something. Whining can be a way to tell you that your dog is in pain or sick. In case you have a dog that has been properly trained and has learned not to whine but suddenly starts whining, this is an obvious symptom of a certain pain or sickness. Go to your vet and see what the problem is and you will get rid of the whining.

Other reasons for dog whining are separation, fear, disappointment, being left alone for too long. If your pet is whining when it is left alone, there’s a simple exercise you can do to hinder that behavior in the future. This exercise is successful with almost 100% of the cases if it is done when the dog is a pup. The exercise is like this: have fun for a few minutes with your dog and then suddenly leave the room or go somewhere your dog cannot visualize you. This will have as an effect the whining. You as the master must not return immediately as you hear the whining. This won’t teach your pet to stop dog whining. It will only encourage this behavior. Even if it is difficult for you to hear your dog whining, leave it like this for a few minutes. It will stop after a while.

However, there are dogs that don’t stop whining. For these, the method should include some verbal commands such as a firm NO, when the whining appears. When you see it stopped, you can return. Repeat this game for a few times, until your puppy understands the fact that every time you go away, you come back, so it will not whine anymore. The dog needs to know that you don’t go away for good, and this exercise is perfect. This will work when you will be gone even for longer periods of time, such as going to work or even on holiday.

All in all, dog whining is an issue that can be dealt with. The best is to start the training when your pet is a puppy. In case you have a grown up dog that whines, you can talk to a dog trainer and get your dog to do some obedience training classes. This will help a lot and dog whining will be a long forgotten memory.

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