Aggressive Dogs are not Born They are Man Made

Dog aggression can be a very serious problem. So why do some dogs become aggressive? They may feel threatened or they may feel their territory is being threatened. Dogs that are insecure and lack confidence can also be aggressive. Also we can not forget that if a dog is mistreated or abused this can definitely lead to aggression.

We see biting as a display of aggression but we sometimes overlook that dogs that bark and lunge at people or other animals are also displaying aggression. Aggressive behaviour has to be dealt with immediately before it escalates into a very serious situation. Possible injury to a person or another dog or animal can be a reality that we cannot overlook.

The number one solution to a dog’s aggressive behaviour is training. Unfortunately simple obedience training is not going to be that effective when dealing with an aggressive dog.

Normally, aggressive dogs are not allowed into normal obedience and training schools for the simple fact of protecting the other participants in the class. You are going to have to find a trainer who specializes in dog aggression. Your vet may be able to help you with this or you can check out the yellow pages or even the internet.

Although proper training may be expensive and not that easy or simple you have to do what you can to resolve your dog’s aggression.

Before you sign up check out what techniques are being used to deal with an aggressive dog. Some outdated methods can actually be more harmful than helpful to your dog. Be sure to do your research. Ask the potential trainer if you can watch his training methods. At the end of the day what you want is for your dog to stop attacking. You don’t want to be constantly worried whether or not your “companion” is going to bite you, someone else, or another animal.

Remember also that some states or provinces have laws in effective that deal very harshly with an aggressive dog.

In Ontario Canada right now they have Bill 132 commonly referred to as the Pit Bull ban. This is very scary legislation.

This legislation bans pit bulls and other bull terrier types and the onus is on the owner to prove their dog is not a pit bull. It also allows your dog, if seized, to be put down or given to someone else that lives where the ban is not in place. They can also give your dog to a laboratory for research.

This legislation does not define what a bite is, what an attack is or even what menacing behaviour is. (Hope you get along with your neighbour).

I strongly believe that we should have some protection from aggressive dogs but to ban specific breeds is not the way to do it. To follow their trend of thought would be to say that if we found one white male politician that had not kept his campaign promises then we should never allow any white males to hold politic office since they all are not trustworthy. For some reason I can’t see something like that even being considered.

Remember when you get a dog they are a lifetime commitment. Training is vital for them and you. With the proper training and socialization you can establish that bond that you really both desire.

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