False Pregnancy in Dogs

Maturity is occurring at an earlier age in our domestic dogs because of selective breeding. Additionally, domestic bitches (except African breeds) have twice as many seasons as wild wolves. This article discusses the physiology of pregnancy and false pregnancy (pseudocyesis), and ways of helping bitches with false pregnancies.
The Oestrus Cycle: Bitches’ seasons occur every 8-9 months. During proestrus they will have a blood stained discharge and show an interest in males. In the second phase, Oestrus, ovulation occurs, and the female is most fertile. The next phase, dioestrus, is when the bitch is hormonally pregnant. The corpus luteum, formed at ovulation in the ovary, matures and produces female hormones. These then stimulate prolactin secretion …

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Cleanliness And Your Horse’s Health

You might not believe it but one of the most important factors in how healthy your horse ends up being is his cleanliness. In order to have your horse live a very healthy life style, it needs to be able to maintain a life in which it is clean and in which it can have access to all of the things that can help it to be happy and healthy.
Make sure that you are providing your horse with plenty of room to run, and plenty of rest when he has been working. All of these things are important, but they are also impacted by one single factor – the cleanliness of the stable and your …

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Make Your Cat Feel Comfortable When Traveling

Unlike dogs, whom seem to enjoy rides with their owners for adventure away from the home front, cats do not feel so comfortable leaving the comforts of home even for a little while. Trying to go for a ride with your cat can be quite an adventure in itself. By nature cats can be pretty picky and grow rather fond of their surroundings. There are many reasons why your cat doesn’t enjoy traveling. Maybe they view the carrier as a restrictive punishment or the thought of going to the vet with his tools and practices are enough to scare your cat. For whatever reason, there are some things that you can do to help your …

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Discover Labrador Dogs

One of the several kinds of retriever, Labrador Retrievers (or Labrador dogs) are currently listed as the number one registered dog with the American Kennel Club (AKC). This breed is ranked very highly by dog enthusiasts on all levels; playfulness, friendliness towards strangers and pets, easy to train, affectionate and even make a great watchdog.
It was in 1903 when the breed was officially recognized by the English Kennel Club and later in 1917 by the AKC. It was in 1991 when Labrador Retriever was first voted as the most popular breed of dog and has continued to hold the spot in the charts even until today.
Labrador dogs are very amiable, obedient and good natured provided …

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Pets Can Help Keep The Doctor Away

A pet makes a great friend. We love our pets and that is why we have them. We know that pets can make us feel better. When you get home from work, school, or are retired, or elderly, pet owners quite literally feel and see the love from their favorite dog or cat. Living with a pet can provide you with certain health benefits. Pets help to reduce your blood pressure and lessen anxiety. Pet owners health and well-being are linked together in owning a pet or have a pet visit you in the nursing home or hospital.
When selecting a pet it is important that your pet fits your lifestyle or otherwise your new pet …

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No Pets As Gifts

Can’t think of the perfect gift for your animal-loving friend or family member? How about a new cat or dog? How about, no way! Pets should be chosen by the recipient, when they are ready to adopt one. Dogs and cats are not objects that can be gift-wrapped, and handed over to someone.
Giving a dog or cat to a child in the same manner you would give a book or a doll can give them the wrong idea about that animal’s worth. While other gifts may be returned or exchanged if they are not right, a pet is not a toy, not an article of clothing or decorative object. Toys are often forgotten in the …

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Dog Whining

Dog whining is a frequently met behavior that many dog owners would like to get rid of. There are a few methods that can be employed to help and stop dog whining. If you are facing this problem, here’s what you can do about it.
The secret for a successful dog training that deals with the cessation of dog whining is to start as early as possible. Also, there are a few important aspects that you have to bear in mind. You must be fully aware of the motives your dog has to use this method of expression. Dog whining as well as dog barking are part of the dog’s means to tell you something. Whining …

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Servicing Your Canine’s Needs

A canine can bring in far more laughs than a lot of things. After all, it is man’s best friend. Come home after a long day of work and your canine will be at the door barking welcome and wagging his tail furiously. Rebuke him for some wickedness and get ready for a day of skulking around with his tail between his legs. Of course, he will just be waiting for a signal from you that indicates that you have forgiven him. Dogs are among the most forgiving creatures in the world, and among the most loving as well.
In this day and age of late marriages and even later pregnancies, many couples who want to …

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Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

The skin, your pet’s largest organ, acts as a barrier against harmful invasions from the environment. As an organ of elimination, symptoms of disease often show up in the skin and the body rids itself of toxins
Skin problems are probably the most common ailments seen in dogs. Usually they are not a disease in themselves, but a symptom of another underlying problem.
Allergies are the most common reason one sees problems with the skin or coats of their dogs and cats. Foods, pollens, dust or medications may cause signs of allergy. Problems can also show up due to dietary deficiency or poor diet in general. Symptoms include such as itching, redness, and poor coat quality.
If no …

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Pet Health Insurance

It seems that Pet Health Insurance is getting a lot of attention in the press and on the internet these days. It is a simple, affordable solution for those who love their pets but are concerned about the financial hardship of high-quality pet care. Pet health insurance is peace of mind that protects you and your beloved pet from the inevitable and the unexpected. This type of insurance is still relatively new, and many pet owners are still unaware of their options.
Pet health insurance is designed to provide pet owners with coverage for unexpected illnesses or incidents resulting in expensive veterinary costs. While it may seem like something that only movie stars get for their …

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