Help! My Cat is Keeping Me Awake.

“My cat is awake all night, full of energy and is stopping me from getting any sleep. It’s driving me nuts!Most cats spend a good part of their daylight hours sleeping, they like nothing better than finding a warm spot and enjoying a little snooze.

The trouble is that some cats are wide-awake when night falls and are full of vim and vigor, if your cat is one that could mean broken sleep or even entirely sleepless nights for you. And that’s no joke, you need your sleep so you can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for work in the morning. You are embarrassed about being constantly bleary eyed and yawning at your desk!

So, are you sharing your home with an evil feline, a cat that has a secret agenda to torment you with sleep deprivation? No, it’s not really your cat’s fault. In their natural state cats are nocturnal hunters, they stalk their prey at night. Centuries ago cats ventured into human settlements because where there was humans there were rodents. This arrangement was good for both parties, good hunting for the cats and the humans had the rodent problem solved for them.

Years later the rodent problem was not so acute for humans but many found that they enjoyed the company of cats. Cats began to be kept as pets and the humans fed their feline pets so there was no need for them to hunt for their food. But the hunting instinct remains with the cats to this day . . . and so does the nocturnal instinct.

“OK, cats are naturally active at night but I really need my sleep. What can I do?”

This problem most usually affects “indoor only” cats because cats that have access to the outdoors via a pet door can slip out at night and satisfy their hunting instincts. But you may have many reasons why you prefer to keep your cat indoors.

Do you play with your cat? You should, playing is fun both for you and your cat and helps increase the bond between the two of you.

If your cat’s night energy is causing you to lose sleep try a play session with your cat shortly before you go to bed, this may just tire out your cat so she or he is not so active.

Involve interactive cat toys, the fishing pole type and the toy mouse on a string variety, roll a ball for your cat to chase. Don’t overdo it the object is not to exhaust your kitty but get rid of excess energy. At first your cat may only be interested in playing for a few minutes, that’s okay try playing a little longer the next night.

The energy that your cat spends playing represents the energy a cat would spend hunting, and at the end of a hunt, a successful one anyway, is a meal. So feed your cat a small meal after the play session. In this way you are recreating your cat’s natural nocturnal habits and it just may mean she or he will be a little less active at night.

Don’t expect this to work instantly, you will need to patiently keep trying, good luck.

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